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Three Coherent Arguments Against Men Wearing Women's Clothing

Updated on December 22, 2009
This skirt for men is from H&M's Spring 2010 collection.
This skirt for men is from H&M's Spring 2010 collection.

Sometimes it is good to give a voice to the other side, so here are some of the arguments against men being allowed to wear women's clothing, even though women commonly wear men's clothing all the time. See if you can spot the flaws in these stellar arguments.

Argument #1: Gay hahahaha LOL gay! Ur gay!

This is perhaps the strongest and indeed, the most prevalent argument against men wearing lingerie and other forms of women's clothing. As you'll note, this is quite coherent if one speaks txt. The basis of this argument is that men who wear women's clothing must be gay. Unfortunately, this argument seems to be entirely unfounded, as most male cross dressers are heterosexual men. In fact, the biggest challenge in the life of a man who likes to wear women's clothing would seem to be finding a woman understanding of his penchant, or at least able to tolerate it in a loving fashion.

Argument #2: OMG gay HAHA ROLFMAO

This argument references not just gayness, but also, I believe, Chairman Mao, which is a particularly strong and indeed, coherent form of opposition to men wearing women's clothing. After all, Chairman Mao was also noted for his mistrust of logic and intelligence and even went so far as to order large structures such as dams built without the input of engineers, a strategy which resulted in many large and entirely useless mega structures dotting the Chinese countryside. He was also a believer in minimalist dress and minimalist thought, two philosophies closely followed in the above argument.

Argument #3: Gay.

An uber minimalist expression of the previous arguments, notable for its simplicity. Also notable, as mentioned above, for its falsehood.

The Sordid Truth

Men who wear women's clothing are all around you. Most of them you'll never recognize because they either keep their feminine underwear hidden beneath their outerwear, or because they only dress up occasionally in the privacy of their own homes. Some of them are gay, most of them aren't any more gay than your average guy rolling about the place in a buttoned down shirt and Chuck Norris action pants (or jeans, if you prefer.)

Then there are the men who openly wear skirts and dresses not because they are feminine, but because they just like the way they look. Prior to the widespread introduction of horseback riding, dresses and skirts were male attire. Ancient civilizations, the ones that invented logic, unraveled the mysteries of the stars, founded mathematics and set scientific discovery on the trajectory it has followed into modern times were choc full of men wearing skirts and it certainly didn't hurt them, now did it?


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    • profile image

      tw6376 7 years ago

      I definitely will encourage MEN go to wear skirt if not outrages

    • profile image

      Eliza 8 years ago

      I think it's about time men had the option of wearing a skirt. That black pleated skirt looks very good on him. I admire men who wear skirts for whatever reason they choose.

    • profile image

      martinus 8 years ago

      Everything could be looking feminine..... if a female is wearing it.

      Skirts usually looking manly when a man is wearing it, though there are little exceptions when the skirt is styled for a women (not junior skirts).

      I bought almost the same skirt which H&M offers now in a women's department and wearing it in public (I am a daily skirt wearer). I paid 12,35$ less than the men's skirt will be priced.

      Additional remark: I do not see a skirt as a female garment and that could be the reason that everybody told me that I am looking so "manly" in my skirts.

    • profile image

      Mary Mac 8 years ago

      For a man to wear skirts most would find it strange and your friends would drag you down . But being descrete wearing bras and camisoles under a loose shirt and panties with panty hose under jeans would not pose a problem with a good choice od shoes. use face creams no one cares this helps your face to look good many women look very feminine without a lot of makeup. Leave your skirts for special occasions only to many men in skirts would loose the thrill.

    • profile image

      Stormi 8 years ago

      I think that skirt looks great. Change the shirt and it could be a very business like look.

    • profile image

      Al 8 years ago

      I like the look. Offers variety in clothing choices for men. Personally I would prefer the look without the pants layer under the skirt.

    • profile image

      mara 8 years ago

      No question, that's a nice male garment. Looking for nice wearers.

    • profile image

      tactilicious 8 years ago

      That H&M skirt looks quite acceptable to me. I don't think it is femmy at all.