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Three gorgeous understated Louis Vuitton handbags

Updated on June 4, 2012

Louis Vuitton is the number one luxury brand in the world. Most women have a special place in their hearts for well made handbags. Those that are not familiar with Louis Vuitton tend to associate the brand with the signature monogram canvass. However, this brand has many handbags that are very understated. This hub talks about three gorgeous handbags that are not readily recognized as LV. Hope you will enjoy reading this hub and gain a better understanding of this coveted brand.

Mahina L and XL – In rich Mahina leather, this bag comes in two sizes, L and XL. With its subtle logos on the leather, it is not noticeably designer. The Mahina is gorgeous with classic gold colored hardware. This is a hobo type of handbag that looks amazing when carried on the shoulder. In my personal opinion, black or noir is the most classic color. For those that don't like black handbags, there are several other colors available. When you sport this bag with your outfits, not a lot of people will know what you are carrying. Overall, this Louis Vuitton purse is super luxurious but understated.

Epi leather Alma – The Alma is one of the most classic designs in the house of Louis Vuitton. It has been around since the early twentieth century. Over the years, the Alma has been made in several different kinds of canvas and leather. If you want a luxurious, understated and well made handbag, the Epi leather Alma will be perfect. It comes in two sizes to satisfy all preferences. This purse is my personal favorite and I am lucky to have the Epi Alma in noir. In recent months, many different colors have been released for the Epi Alma line. This purse is very formal looking; you should wear professional / business clothing when you are using this handbag. I have seen some people that paired this handbag with very causal clothing and that combination looked awful.

Antheia monogram hobo bag – Last but certainly not least, the lambskin Antheia monogram hobo bag is super gorgeous. This hobo bag is very causal yet elegant. You can wear some nice causal clothing and the Antheia monogram hobo bag would make the whole look more amazing. Due to lack of structure, it is not a formal or professional handbag. You should always carry the right kinds of handbags for all situations in life. This bag is best for a nice afternoon tea social event with the girlfriends. For those that love soft textures, this handbag is made in super soft lambskin that feels heavenly to the touch.


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