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Practical Three folded wallets

Updated on November 1, 2011
Three folded wallet
Three folded wallet | Source

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Make a leather wallet yourself

Three folded wallets is the best

For at least 35 years now, I have used a three folded wallet for my personal use. Sometimes you can only find it under MENĀ“s wallets. But who says we women cannot need one? I have always bought mine in leather so they last longer.

Once I discovered that the wallet was a tiny bit too small with all the cards, money and licences in it. I could not close it all the way. Have you seen how some people have a rubber band around the wallet? That is because it will not close. I refuse to rap a rubber band around my nice leather wallet. So I took it to a shoe maker and he put a stripe with a push button on it. It worked perfectly!

Then we have the constant problem with all these credit cards. If I brought all of mine I would need around 15 pockets fo them all. Now I have sorted out the ones I dont need to carry around all the time. The rest are around 6 importent ones. The bank, drivers licence and legitimation and so on. Most of these wallets have 6 pockets for cards. But you can always get one of those flat hard card holders and put the rest in. The card holder fits in to th wallet!

This dickie's black wallet comes with a long chain to add some edge to your everyday look.

Step by step make a leather purse

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