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Thrift Stores, Secondhand and Vintage Stores to Die For

Updated on November 01, 2015

Vintage Dresses

Lovely vintage dresses as an example
Lovely vintage dresses as an example | Source

Wasteland in Los Angeles

Wasteland store, Los Angeles, California
Wasteland store, Los Angeles, California | Source

Second Hand Stores and Vintage Stores

Second hand stores are a bit more upscale than the thrift stores. They can have merchandise that has been worn by wealthy people and they are now selling it. Jackie Onassis used to sell her used clothing in one of the second hand stores in New York. The people that leave merchandise in those stores are paid for it. Then there has to be a charge added on to it to make it worthwhile for the stores. Many people prefer this type of shop because they see it as having a better atmosphere and merchandise.

Selling Your Merchandise

You can also sell your own clothing there. Depending on the shop there is certain criteria for what they want to buy. In a middle of the road second hand store you could possibly sell your used clothing there. In other higher bracket stores they are looking for a certain upscale type of merchandise. They want designer goods or very expensive clothing that will give them a profit when they sell them. They don't want to fill up the store with so so merchandise. It just won't pay them for the customers that they want.

I went to one of the second hand stores in New York and I was able to sell some items to them. I had a cashmere sweater and some other things. I got $50.00 for them. That was pretty good to me. It was on the upper east side in New York City. I am attaching a link to the stores here.

New York Second Hand Stores

There are several good clothing stores in New York for used, second hand clothing. It is the clothing center there for the United States. There are many wealthy women that will sell their goods to their stores to get something back from their clothing expenses. It can be a great place to find designer clothing for women that can't afford the full price or just want to save money. It can work out really well for some women that want a Chanel suit of their own to wear.

Wasteland, Los Angeles

Wasteland is on Melrose in Los Angeles, California. It is a great store for people that want something that is trendy and fun. It sells vintage clothing and retro designs. Some of it is second hand. There are evening dresses there that you can purchase for a very reasonable price. There was one there that looked great for $40.00. The stars even do go in there on occasion. There are other clothing stores that are also second hand stores there on Melrose. Wasteland is really the best.

Decades, Los Angeles

Decades is also a vintage store on Melrose in Los Angeles. It also carries modern clothing. It is famous and has sold to movie stars. This is a bit more expensive, but just for fun I will add this in. It is also possible to sell here on consignment. They call it "vintage and modern pre-loved clothing and accessories."

Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles Thrift Stores

Fairfax Avenue in LA has several different thrift stores there. There is quite a selection there. It is more on the thrift store and ragamuffin variety of thrift stores. Out of the Closet thrift store is there. There are many items there to choose from. It will also benefit their charity.

It's a Wrap, Burbank, California

This store has clothing from the movie and TV industry in Burbank, California. They are mostly second hand. Some of the clothing has not been worn. There is a great variety of clothing that is available.

As you can see there are a couple of these stores where you can also shop online and order from them.

There are also other clothing stores in Los Angeles that specialize in clothing that has belonged to movie stars.

Resale Fashion at Great Labels, Santa Monica, California

Vintage Thierry Mugler

This is just an example, it is not in the store but it is similar to others.
This is just an example, it is not in the store but it is similar to others. | Source

Goodwill Store

Goodwill store
Goodwill store | Source

Thrift Shops

There are people that were brought up on the wonders of going into thrift shops and finding all kinds of wonderful outfits to wear. To some they are something to only visit at Halloween for costumes. To others it is a year long holiday time where they can find just about everything that they need at rock bottom prices.

Imagine the wonder of finding something that you coveted before at ten times the price sitting there waiting for you. Some generous woman or person has donated it for you and others like you. It is either that or they just did not fit. There are clothes there of all sizes and every color.

Sometimes the clothes are all arranged by color. They could be arranged by sizes. It does depend on the store. The quality and what you are getting also depend on the store. The store does depend on the generosity of the people that donate to it. It is not just the rich that donate to it. They are given by everyday people to others that can benefit from the clothing that they don't need anymore.

Thrift stores to many are a life saver. There was a book out before by another writer that described how she was then able to buy clothes when the Goodwill stores came out. I had been reluctant to go there. The agency had wanted me to go there to get heels. Eventually I would find they have a lot of things to offer there.

Goodwill Stores

Goodwill stores can have some great, useful merchandise. It does depend on the stores. It can be a hit or miss deal to try to find something. There is new merchandise coming in all the time.

Los Angeles has many Goodwill and other thrift stores. I would go to the stores to get what I needed for film extra work. It was a good place to go for it since they do have a large selection in the stores. If I needed a special evening dress I could go there and get one for hardly anything. Also since I needed three selections, that could be especially difficult. Then I would need to buy shoes to go with it. Many others also go there to get clothing for doing extra work.

In LA I found an Anna Sui designer dress in the downtown store. I was really thrilled. I saw it in Vogue magazine. It was $300.00 there for the same one. Some people do buy them there and sell them for a profit. It is not that easy as it is not just filled with designer clothing.

The girl that has the website "Nasty Gal" that sells retro clothing and used clothing started by selling the fashions that she had found in thrift stores on eBay. She has made a million dollars with her website.

When I was in San Francisco there was the Goodwill store there that I used to go to. I used to find some very interesting things. One woman told me to be careful because there had been a murder around the store. She said that it had been over the clothing. The clothing there was very good. It did not seem to be the same the last time I was there. But times are hard now. I have noticed the difference in the stores.

I found some nice things in Chicago also but not as much. There was an article about the stores there saying people were finding all kinds of designer goods including handbags. That is mainly for the suburban stores I think.

Some of the items in Goodwill stores may be a little sad. There are things there that you don't want to buy. Some people do just throw things in there. Sometimes you really need to look to find something. Then they may have gotten new merchandise in that is all new. I am not saying that you all need to shop there. It is just another option. The people that leave things there leave it and count it as a charity donation so you should not feel guilty.

I like going to the Goodwill stores better than the Salvation Army ones because they just seem to have a better selection usually. They say that the Goodwill washes all of the clothing first. There are other stores available.

Thrift Store Etiquette

Everyone is busy in a thrift store looking through the merchandise for something to wear. It is not that easy to find something and something that will fit. It is considered poor form to start putting down the merchandise. It is all that some people can afford. Then again, some of it is there and it would take your whole paycheck to pay for it when it was new.

If people are saying something to you about the clothes, it is considered polite to answer them. If they keep asking you questions though, you also are not their sales help. Most people in the thrift stores do mind their own business. It can get really hectic on the weekends. It could be a good time to avoid them.

Do not ask the other patrons for help with your sizing, etc. They are not there as your sales help. The workers there are also not personal sales help. You have to look around for yourself for the most part. In some of the higher end second hand stores in New York they will most probably help you find your size. But you will pay for it then. The merchandise that is second hand designer will be just about as expensive or more expensive than regular clothing prices in the stores for some items.

That being said, you do not have to keep completely quiet. Others do see the humor in many of the items. It is just better not to make a scene.

If you do go in Wasteland in Los Angeles, I will strongly suggest you not giving their employees a hard time. It is considered an in store there. There are famous actresses that go there. It is not a good idea to have any riffs with the employees or their customers.

Thrift Store Print
Thrift Store Print | Source

Thrift Store Shopping

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    • lolaestrella profile image

      Dalila C 3 years ago from Denver, CO

      I love Goodwill! I bought books for $1 each and also almost every weekend they have buy 1 free 1 sweater. They all go to my collection!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      The thing I like about thrift stores is that you never know what you'll find. You may not need it, or you may not realize you did need it, yet there it is ... really cheap!

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