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Thrifty Shopper-New Dress a Day for a Dollar

Updated on May 11, 2017
The banner from Marisa's wordpress page.
The banner from Marisa's wordpress page.

"One person’s trash is becoming my treasure this year.

365 days. 365 items of clothing. 365 dollars. And the blogging begins…"

Catch up and follow the rest of Marisa's journey on her New Dress A Day website.

365 days. 365 New outfits. 365 Dollars.

When I came across Marisa Lynch's blog on Wordpress in what feels like ages ago, I was amazed! The idea was simple... Spending a dollar a day at consignment shops, thrift stores, garage and yard sales, or rummage sales, and creating one outfit everyday. She blogs about the experience and shows the before and after photos as well as the creative process of making the outfits. This inspired me to want to go on a mission as well and do something similar.

In a time when the economy has hit a low it is always better to be frugal, but that doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice style. Allowing creativity to flow is important. It keeps you sane sometimes, and everyone does it their own way.

Marisa is nearing the end of journey, on day 300 to be exact. With 65 days to go and an amazing trail of fabulousness behind her she still never ceases to amaze me. Even now, I like to just scroll back through looking at all the before and after shots, picking my favorites here and there and wonder, "could I make that myself as well?"

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Day 1 before picture.Day 1 after picture.Day 300 Before picture.Day 300 After picture.
Day 1 before picture.
Day 1 before picture.
Day 1 after picture.
Day 1 after picture.
Day 300 Before picture.
Day 300 Before picture.
Day 300 After picture.
Day 300 After picture.

Starting Out

She started out her journey on her 30th birthday and decided to stick with it, saying the inspiration came from watching the movie Julie and Julia. Starting out on your own journey is fun. You don't have to go a full year doing one thing, but once you know what you want to do, setting your goal and sticking to it is all that remains. Whether it be a blogging adventure, video journals on Youtube, or creating an entirely new wardrobe on a budget; as long as you love what you are doing and you get to express yourself, HAVE FUN!!!

Amazing find! Removal of the shoulder pads made this sailor inspired outfit a fantastic addition to Sunny's wardrobe!
Amazing find! Removal of the shoulder pads made this sailor inspired outfit a fantastic addition to Sunny's wardrobe!

Great Finds!

Shopping in thrift stores and consignment shops is always an adventure. You never know what you will find. Finding something that may not be flattering to your figure, but with great fabric that item may be a treasure in disguise. Don't let the shape or size of something throw you off from a great item. Sometimes you may just luck out and find something amazing with little to no work at all. Items that may have gone out of style that were abandoned once are back.These items can be re-purposed with a few alterations. Shoulder pads are easily removed to turn an outdated and unflattering look into something funky.

Go On A Treasure Hunt!

  If you find yourself bored one afternoon sitting on the couch watching day time television, get up and go on a treasure hunt. Find those hidden thrift shops or go to a yard sale and see what you can dig up. Maybe your next weekend party dress is only a dollar away. 


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    • Sunny Robinson profile image

      Sunny Robinson 7 years ago from Tennessee

      I've always loved looking at things people do to repurpose clothing, furniture, and stuff. It's pretty amazing. Sogno actually had a perfect start at thrifting not long ago and found some super cool stuff. She talked me into buying that sailor-inspired outfit. :) Thrifting is good on the pockets and the possibilities are good for the soul. ;)

    • HannahRiley profile image

      HannahRiley 7 years ago from Texas

      Yah! I love thrift store shopping! What a pleasant suprise to find another thrifter;)

    • SognoPiccolo profile image

      SognoPiccolo 7 years ago from Wilmington, Ohio

      Thank you Winsome... I was only recently introduced to thrift store shopping but I have always loved making something out of something else.

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      You can really find treasures if you have the eye to recognize it. I like to find furniture that people discard for next to nothing and transform it. The key is the wood--if it is good wood you can do most anything with it even if you have to take it apart and build something else. Very creative hub Sogno. =:)