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Throwing A Successful Natural Hair Party For You and Your Girlfriends

Updated on January 24, 2016
Party favors for your hair party!
Party favors for your hair party!

Are you a natural hair sister? Do you and your friends constantly talk to each other about your natural hair journey or constantly ask each other for product recommendations? If so, then maybe it's about time you throw a hair party.

What is a hair party you ask? It's simply as the name says, a party where you and your girlfriends gather together to chat and talk about your natural hair journey, process, and products. The entire point of the party is to bring all of the fabulous hair styles, textures and beauties into an intimate room to discuss and exchange tips. The party can also be a form of encouragement for those who are just beginning to embark on their natural hair journey as well as an opportunity to learn about products or even product sample and swap. By the end of the night, you'll have shared all the little secrets and tricks that you and your girlfriends have applied along the way in the natural hair journey.

If you've never thrown a hair party before, or would like some tips on where to start, this guide will take you through the process step by step. The only thing that you will have to do is invite your girlfriends!

Invite Your Friends

The first step to throwing a hair party is putting a list together of who you'd like to invite. Ideally you want to make it an intimate affair, so start with a list of girlfriends who either know each other or have similarities. You want to create an environment where people can share and reveal and talk about their natural hair journey. No Negative Nancy's or Debbie Downers please!

Create Fun Food Dishes

Whether you're planning a brunch time party or a night time party, make sure you feed your guest. Be creative and think of dishes that will entice and a create a display to make your guests feel warm and welcome into your home.

For my brunch time hair party, I created a fruit platter, made crepes alongside a build your own crepe bar, and for my all time party favorite I created guacamole cups. Guacamole cups are easy. To make them you will need to buy half the amount of avocados as you will have guest, so if you will have eight guests, then you will need four avocados. The shells of the avocados will act as the cups for serving each guest. Use your favorite guacamole recipe, if you don't have one, there are plenty of delicious ones on the internet. After you've whipped up your guacamole, scoop each serving into the avocado shell halves.

Create Party Favors

Who said that adults are too old to get party favors? No one! A party is always fun when you get to go home with something special. For my hair party I created fun-filled party bags for each of my guests to take as they left. The gift bags were simple and not expensive at all. Purchase party favor bags from your favorite supply stores. I purchased mine from Paper Source. I headed over to my nearest hair supply store to pick up little travel bottles that guests could use to storage their hair care essentials when traveling. I found these cute mini nail filers and then I inserted three hair pins in every one's bottle. This was super simple and just a nice gift for everyone to leave with.

Products and Samples

One of the main goals of the hair party was to learn about new products that were out in the market place, and also to help everyone discard any products that they have purchased but probably never used. I am a big culprit of seeing a product in a store, getting excited by the fancy packaging and marketing and then buying the product only to realize that it doesn't work on my hair. I wanted to help everyone get rid of their unwanted products and create a swap and exchange environment. In my invites I asked everyone to bring any products that they no longer use or to bring a product that they love that they were willing to have others sample.

For the samples I created a product sample station with travel sized bottles that people could use to take a small sample of the products that others were recommending. I bought Post It labels so everyone could label and mark their bottles with the products that they were trying.

In the end I would say that it was a very successful party. My guests were highly entertained and left with tips and tricks that they had never thought of before the party. If you are looking for a reason to gather all your girlfriends together, then a hair party might be a nice relaxing reason to do so. Have you thrown a hair party before? Tell us how it turned out as well as your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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