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Tie Hangers and Racks For Closets - Motorized and Wall Mounted Necktie Holders

Updated on February 24, 2012

Men's ties are always somewhat difficult to store successfully without a little help. If you put them on a normal clothes hanger and hand them up in a closet they tend to slide off onto the floor, get hidden under a shirt or just get buried in the depths of the wardrobe.

If you put them in a drawer then expect a tangled snakepit of crumpled, wrinkled ties to greet you when you open it. My father would hammer nails into the inside of his clothes cupboard and droop them over those...not a very elegant solution!

Yup, they're are not easy to store.

That is, unless you buy a specialist closet tie organizer and then your necktie hanging problems are over!

Types Of Tie Racks and Necktie Hangers

  • For the gadget minded guy there are motorized tie racks which can hold more than 50 men's ties in some cases and display them all at a touch of a button on a nifty motorized carousel.
  • For a simpler solution you can find metal tie hangers with non slip bars which hang from the closet rail and can hold 20 or more on a tiered system of friction coated rods.
  • You can also choose to opt for a wall mounted tie rack some of which look like a row of coat pegs but much smaller and closer together, and others which come on a sliding rail to attach to the inside of a closet or wardrobe.

Whichever you choose, rest assured, you will love your new tie organizer rack and will look back and wonder what took you so long to get organized.

Closet Rod Hung Tie Racks

The simplest solution to your problem is to go with what we are all most used to and to buy a tie hanger which hangs from the closet rod.

The nice thing about a hanging tie holder for a closet is that these are a nice inexpensive option which will not only organize your neckties neatly and prevent them from wrinkling but also provide an easy way to browse through them all in a few seconds.

Motorized Revolving Tie Racks

A battery powered tie rack carousel is a really cool gadget for any man's wardrobe. These attach to the closet rail and hang multiple ties and typically a few belts as well so they are neatly organized and easy to access. The cool thing about these electronic gadgets is that here the neck tie carousel rotates automatically with a button press and lights up to make it easier to see the different neckties in a darkened clothes cupboard.

Wall Hung Tie Pegs

Sometimes you don't want to take up any more space on your closet rail and if you are not into gadgets then the chances are an electronic tie rack like those above is not going to be quite so appealing to you as it is to others. For you, there are wall mounted tie pegs. This type of neck tie organizer for closets, door mounting or for hanging on the wall, provides a row of rods upon which to hang ties, scarves and belts. The nice thing about these is they are able to be placed pretty much anywhere there is a flat surface so it is always easy to find a niche to utilize.

Guys, if you are tired of having to deal with wrinkled and tangled neckwear and can never find your favorite then you've got to buy yourself one of these. Not only will it save you time and make you look more professional by keeping the creases away, but you will score brownie points with your spouse/partner too. If she's happy, so will you be.

Ladies, these make great birthday gifts for executive men, especially the motorized ones which are useful, fun and gadgety all at the same time. Got yourself a lazy man? Well, he's a hint you can send his way to clean his closet space up! Tie racks motorized or otherwise will help him clean up his act.

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    • lucille12 profile image


      3 years ago

      Tie hangers are available in all kinds of finishes, kinds and specialties.


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