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Tiffany Jewelry Brooch, Pin, Cufflink Review: Gold, Silver, Gemstones

Updated on January 6, 2015
Tiffany Brooches | Photo credit:  Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Brooches | Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

Brooches and Pins

Tiffany's brooches and pins represent the two ends of the brand's jewelry spectrum. Brooches almost always contain elaborate metalwork encrusted with diamonds and gemstones (prices often hovering in the tens of thousands of dollars), pins, on the other hand, tend to display among Tiffany's simplest designs. When the functions of these types of jewelry, despite the radical differences between them, converge, it serves to prove the company's versatility and depth.

Gemstones and gold in various colors become the dominant materials; the more intricate models usually combine the two and present clear figurative elements such as birds, insects, or flowers. Jean Schlumberger's creations in that field are considered classics by some, and masterpieces by others.

Not to be overlooked are the strictly golden pieces – heart shaped (Paloma Picasso's “Loving Heart”), or inspired by botanical, celestial, or even abstract themes.


Tiffany take a careful approach to gemstones. Unlike such brands of casual jewelry as Silpada, or Lia Sophia, whose items often appear to literally erupt semi-precious stones, here every addition has been painstakingly weighed before decided upon. The resulting polish is amazing (though might feel too overbearing to some tastes): delicate, thought-out compositions create fascinating interactions between diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and supporting turquoise, onyx, amethyst, and other semi-precious stones.

Vintage pins and brooches – collections no longer in production – comprise a lively market (several hundreds items listed daily on eBay).

Cuff Links

Men in general have fewer opportunities to wear jewelry, and even on those occasions the norm usually tends towards utility rather than deliberate decoration. Cufflinks epitomize the balance of style and function: like brooches and pins, they can be exquisitely designed; unlike them, they perform a clear function in one's formal or business attire.

Tiffany's cufflinks come in gold and sterling silver, can feature enamel inclusions, and encompass a wide range of thematic (American flag – patriotic), figurative (stars, charms), and classic pieces.


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