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Tiffany Co Jewelry Charms Review: Silver, Gold, Gemstones

Updated on January 10, 2015

Tiffany Charms

Charms reveal Tiffany's playful side. Made mainly of silver or gold, they easily attach to other jewelry or fashion accessories, and can reflect the wearer's mischievous, gentle, or casual qualities. The variety of themes and items beats any other company department; designers clearly took full advantage of the artistic freedom the fun side opens up. And there is another important advantage that shouldn't remain unmentioned: charms are among Tiffany's most affordable items, and provide a comfortable entry for brand admirers who have yet to attain the funds required for the more expensive jewelry.

Tiffany's charms can be categorized according to designers, materials, and collections. Since these categorizations appear on the official website, we would like to suggest an alternative (complementary) view – according to themes.

Tiffany Charms | Photo credit:  Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Charms | Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.


  • Heart charms: Elsa Peretti's asymmetrical “Open Hearts” appear to morph, fluidly changing from a circle to heart, and back; some of the models only slightly resemble the classic familiar shape, so abstract they become in the process. The opening in the middle sneaks in a sly double entendre.

  • Egg charms: Jean Shlumberger addition to the assortment is characteristically multi-layered. His pieces look like candy treats, like Fabergé eggs, and like surprise presents. Semi-precious stones braided by a golden thread include malachite (joining rhodonite, another Ural mined material), opal, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, and turquoise.

Play Themes

  • Animals, Insects: include the usual cute specimens of panda bears, dogs, crabs, fish, unicorns, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and ladybirds. Some of the charms display a layer of colored lacquer.

  • Vehicles, Sports: an array of miniature motor or steam propelled vehicles, either air (airplanes), marine (steamboats, cruise ships), or land.

  • Botanic charms include various fruits, flowers, and trees, from conventional to exotic. Christmas trees and clove leaves are among the more symbolical pieces.

  • Crosses, Keys, Hearts – make up a staple choice of Tiffany charms, and provide an important link – a gentle “back to reality” check – to more serious jewelry.


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    • charmstotreasure profile image

      charmstotreasure 7 years ago

      Jewelry fan, just had to visit your Hubs! Charms rock. Been hooked since my first one from grandma )