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Tiffany Jewelry Earrings Review: Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Platinum, Hoop

Updated on January 15, 2015

Tiffany Earrings

Tiffany & Co. earrings display a range of artistic directions and designs. Created by in-house designers, and originating from established trademark collections, Tiffany's earrings reflect an awareness that they will become, most often, the dominant jewelry a woman wears. A competing piece, such as a necklace, and it might be too much -- though of course there are exceptions.

The jewelry – clips, drop, stud, hoop, and others – arrives in sterling silver, gold of all colors, and platinum, often encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones. Diamonds play an essential role in Tiffany's earring collection, because their naturally high location -- closer than rings and necklaces to lamps and other light sources -- gives them an advantageous position to collect and reflect light.

Some of the collections on offer (we would like to bring to your attention Jazz and Swing in particular) exhibit surprisingly fresh profiles, especially considering they are inspired by circles and drops, the simplest of shapes. A more elusive, underlying achievement in this department must be of leaving a taste for more (a wish that can be fulfilled by the jewelry sets). Let's take a closer look:

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Tiffany Earrings | Photo credit:  Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Earrings | Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.


Yellow, white, and rose gold earrings, inlaid with gemstones (diamonds, emeralds), semi-precious stones (citrine, amethyst), and pearls, produce a rainbow of combinations in color and spark.

While yellow gold pieces project warmth, vivacity and boundless energy, white gold earrings, most often paired with diamonds, impart an accented reservation, cool detachment and concentration – a notable difference that will be useful to various individuality types.

Sterling Silver

Tiffany's silver earrings show a more sober, casual side. Most pieces continue already familiar bracelet, necklace, and charm designs, signaling their belonging to a wider context of design and aesthetic – a collection, or, once again, a set.

Silver items, unlike golden ones, usually consist of 100% metal, relying on form and texture variation to derive the maximum from the alloy's natural beauty. This feature marks them as a calm, even humble alternative to the luxurious richness discussed above.

Platinum, Gemstones

Platinum, like white gold, dovetails with clear diamonds and white pearls. Unlike gold, however, it adds a touch of enigma to the mix.

Platinum is denser and heavier, and will never lose its distinctive white sheen – a feature that makes it akin to the stones, and enhances the "timelessness effect."

In their earrings (as well as other jewelry), Tiffany force the materials to surrender all of their benefits: splashes of light, refracted via the stones, hint at the neckline, while the steady glow of the precious metals illuminates the skin.


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