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Tiffany Jewelry Pearl, Gold, Platinum, Onyx Necklace Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Gold Necklaces

Besides obvious design and material based variances, Tiffany gold necklaces differ from their silver counterparts in the spirit, or mood they project. While the silver jewelry opts for calm, humble – though often surprisingly sophisticated – arrangements of alloy and semi-precious stones, gold pieces, especially yellow ones, go unapologetically for the celebration. Colors, bold juxtapositions of materials, combinations of textures, and unending variety of themes dictate the atmosphere in the gold necklaces department.

Tiffany employ various materials to supply the needed range of colors and surfaces. Among the most popular are the pearls, with their milky, creamy glow, and coal black onyx beads or pendants – an almost direct opposite of the pearls. White gold and platinum restrain somewhat the exuberance of the yellow with a sufficiently rich, yet restraining sheen.

Tiffany Golden Necklace | Photo credit:  Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Golden Necklace | Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

Pearls, Onyx

Both pearls (Tiffany use almost exclusively cultured pearls, preferring their perfect spherical shape to the irregularities of natural ones) and onyx introduce informal qualities to the jewelry. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes these materials less “hard” than the metal – perhaps its their origins, the land and the water, that connect readily to the outside ambience, which includes the people (wearers and observers) as well.

Pearls blend particularly well with platinum, as their comforting warm glow finds a solid support in this strong precious metal.

Platinum, Gemstones

Platinum and gemstones (diamonds, sapphires) provide an uncompromising luxury alternative to both strictly gold and strictly silver items. The peculiarities of this blend find the most evident reflection in the price, which often crosses the five and sometimes the six figure mark.

But beyond cost, the combination of these materials demonstrates their genuine beauty – they compliment each other, one allowing the other to glitter in more ways that would have been possible in a sole arrangement. Platinum and diamond necklaces constitute, without a doubt, among Tiffany's pinnacles of jewelry composition and design.


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