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Tiffany Sterling Silver Bracelet Review: Link, Bangle, Cuff, Charm,

Updated on January 6, 2015
Tiffany Silver Bracelet | Photo credit:  Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Silver Bracelet | Photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

While Tiffany & Co. employ a wide variety of materials for their bracelets (and jewelry in general), sterling silver remains the staple metal. Silver's classic sheen and processing flexibility make it suitable for everyday, robust objects (like candlesticks and kitchen utensils) on the one hand, and for refined, even exquisite jewelry on the other (pun intended).

In this review we focus on the latter: the assortment of chain link, bangle, cuff, clasp, and other bracelets, designed by different jewelry makers and forming an important part of such trademark collections as Atlas and Somerset.

Most Tiffany's silver bracelets consist of only the alloy – but there are quite a few that incorporate diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and other rare materials (one unusual piece contains wood). These additions usually decorate the charms or the clasps, and add textural and visual variety.


Tiffany offer several silver bracelet collections, each possessing its own distinctive feature:

  • Somerset weaves the silver into fabric-like surfaces, cylindric or flat, replicating knitting and sewing patterns. This design results in intricately textured and dense pieces reminiscent of antique armor (jewelry and armor, chain mail, in particular are known to intersect in some civilizations)

  • Notes bracelets quite literally carry notes on them, either on the surface of the piece itself, or on the hanging charm, not unlike Brighton ID bracelets. Phrases include the unambiguous “I love you,” and New York or brand references.

  • Atlas adds a touch of classicism by introducing Roman numerals, both as a bar-relief surface ornament, or in straightforward shape in a charm. The letters project an undercurrent of serene confidence and independence.


Charm bracelets make up a separate category that combines two types of jewelry, but also of attitudes: a reserved, and a more lighthearted one.

The result tends generally towards fun – the charms, either as traditional hearts, or playful miniatures of almost any conceivable everyday object, infuse these pieces with fun. Tiffany's blue color often completes the bracelets with an enamel trademark touch.


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