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Tights worn under shorts for men

Updated on May 27, 2014

Hosiery and Men

There are a lot of sites popping up on the topic of hosiery for men. With that said, it is interesting that in everyday, real world life, you very rarely see any men wearing hosiery. You see men with running tights or cycle gear but where are the men wearing hosiery or leggings? The deeper I look into the subject, the more I find that men not only enjoy tights and pantyhose on women but they like it on men and they like wearing them. With a quick Google search, hundreds of pictures come up and endless sites appear of men and hosiery of all types.

Grey tights and shorts.
Grey tights and shorts.
Blue footless tights worn under pattern shorts.
Blue footless tights worn under pattern shorts.
Black leggings worn with cargo shorts and sandals.
Black leggings worn with cargo shorts and sandals.

Tights and Shorts

The easiest way for men who have an interest in wearing tights, hosiery or leggings is to start very subtle. Although sheer pantyhose under a suit is subtle, you have to be a little adventurous otherwise you may as well just stay home and wear them. Tights worn under your shorts is a great way to start. Looking at athletes, they have been doing this for a long time and there has not been too much uproar. You can always test the waters before buying fashion tights by wearing black running tights under gym shorts while out running errands.

Once you get your test wear out of the way and realize it wasn't that bad, why not try wearing tights with a more casual look in mind rather than a sporty look. Why not try a golf shirt or button-up collard shirt worn with a shorts and coloured tights to tie it all together. Use your tights as a way to finish or compliment your look the way you would with a tie while wearing a suit. Depending on how you feel, pattern tights may be too bold at first but one could pull it off.

Depending on the climate and what you're doing, for cooler days try wearing thicker tights or leggings under your shorts. For those in between type days, footless tights or tights would work as they can breath more and you can wear sandals with the footless tights. On warmer days, give pantyhose a try.

Compare tights worn with and without shorts

Wearing with shorts leaves more to the imagination.
Wearing with shorts leaves more to the imagination.

Where to buy tights for men

Men can purchase hosiery, tights and leggings from any department store or online. Although most stores don't have a dedicated section for men, there are guides on the back of most packages of tights and hosiery to steer you in the right direction. Online sites actually will carry items that our male specific and can be done more discreetly while you work up the courage to buy them live.

Men wearing tights under shorts

Men: Would you wear tights under your shorts?

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    • Hippie2000 profile image

      Hippie Untiet 

      15 months ago from Wisconsin

      I wear mine in the open. No shorts.

    • profile image


      15 months ago from Calif

      Well, after moving I guess got a job working 8to 9 days straight so on my week off I wear my flesh colored footless tights and cargo shorts, polo shirt, ankle socks and shoes. Gone to grocery stores, department stores, Dr. Office, picked up my paycheck and gone to lunch with my wife. No comments or stares. Being fair skinned I need extra coverage on top of sunblock. Working on the side of the road in work boots, jeans, tee shirt and safety gear gets hot, my legs need the light compression and I can comfortably wear with shorts. I'm 50+ years old, worked hard on my feet all my life and need the support and don't give a hoot what people say. I'll tell them they need to take care of their legs.

    • profile image


      24 months ago from UK

      Tights are unisex as men can wear under Jean or trousers or shorts that prefect to wear also can wear leggings as well. It just c!othes to cover legs. I wear tights under shorts also leggings to keep me warm in the winter like bed cover to keep warm. Important is sit too long to aviod blood clots from develop as support tights usual help a lots like pants and sick in all one as tights is so easy to wear

    • profile image


      24 months ago from Calif

      Go for it. I wear shorts and pantyhose when I go out of our small town (I go out at night sometimes) My wife and I go out of town on long weekends and I am wearing nude or suntan pantyhose. I have fair skin and my legs burn easy. I love being able to go out in shorts after I put on sun block and p/h and dont look out of place in jeans. Nobody has said anything negitive to me about wearing p/h. And now Iam starting to wear tights out in my town, but we will be moving to a large city soon and I will wear there openly. Join me, shall you?

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      sure why not wear tights..

    • profile image

      C Kerstin 

      3 years ago

      Many men wear pantyhose under their trousers. Why not with shorts? Some are afraid what others might think if they are noticed. Nothing wrong with a man wearing pantyhose. If you choose tan pantyhose it is almost invisible. Men don not hesitate any longer. If you like it then wear pantyhose with your shorts. It will not take long and it will be totally normal. There are already pantyhose for men available. So wear it and enhoy it.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I wear tights and pantyhose under shorts just not out now under my pants I wear under them its just society the ridicule I don't want am a straight male I don't need the name calling thinking I am anytight but straight I love pantyhose and tights as leg fashion

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I wear tights but never put shorts over top of my tights. I don't like this look and as long as your tights aren't see through they look much better worn as pants.

    • profile image

      Tammy Kenderson 

      3 years ago

      I love wearing p-hose underneath my shorts. Been 4 yrs

    • profile image


      5 years ago from UK

      Yes men can wear tights under shorts or denim shorrs that normal clothes.. i do wear and qutie comfortable and more airflow, nice feel


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