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Timex Camper, Easy Reader, Trail, Combo Men's and Women's Watches Review

Updated on January 15, 2015


Timex casual quartz Camper, Easy Reader, and Trail watches present a straightforward, unassuming design that sends threads to analog Expedition, and to Classic and vintage timepieces. With the exception of the more complicated chronograph Trail and Combo models, these timers are maximally simplified both in terms of visual appearance and architecture.

Large and clear Arabic numerals (military style in Trail), usually painted black on a white face, three baton hands (hours, minutes, seconds), and a few minor additions – logo below twelve o'clock, a smaller inner numerical scale – these features create an effective grid that's easy to read – no distractions. Timex do their best to warrant the title “Easy Reader.”

Besides standard stainless steel, resin, and leather, the brands also introduces aluminum, brass and nylon.

Timex Camper Watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Timex Camper Watch | Photo credit: Timex

These are lighter materials that lend the watches a different texture and feel – and accord well with their dressy and casual character, as well as add refreshing specs and manufacturing clarity (several affordable fashion brands use unspecified alloys).


A line of men's and women's casual watches that consist of a solid resin (wheel-like) case and a matching strap – available colors includes black, gray, brown, as well as lighter pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Military models come equipped with a nylon band and a protection for the crown; other carry a date complication at three o'clock.

Easy Reader

Easy Reader watches opt for a metallic frame, inevitably lending the timepieces a dressier, more indoors-oriented character. An interesting feature in some models becomes an interaction between metals: brass cases supported by stainless steel expansion bands. Genuine leather strap provides an alternative for customers preferring a softer touch on their wrist. Functions include date and day of the week.


Trail watches present a similar symmetric design, though it has been significantly upgraded in terms of shock resistance and functionality. Timex return to their Ironman and Expedition ideas by offering the digital compass series on the one hand, and the the ana-digi combo on the other. Water resistance, Indiglo, and chronograph function prepare this watch for the outdoors.


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