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Timex Expedition Analog, Digital Watches Review: WS4, Compass, Tide

Updated on January 6, 2015

Timex Expedition

Timex Expedition watches foray into outdoors and extreme sports territory, presenting a rugged and hardened counterpart to the city-oriented, and sleek Ironman. It resembles the latter in that it boasts a list of features that's at least as long – but the functions are still very different from Ironman.

Such fitness utilities as lap counters, timers, and hear rate monitors are more or less taken for granted in the Expedition. Instead, Timex pack these timepieces with a range of meteorological and ambiance sensors such as a compass and a barometer.

Men's, Women's, Unisex

Timex usually make categorize their selection according to gender (Ironman and Classic watches are a good example), but in the outdoors department these differences become irrelevant: the design is made with survival in mind, not fashion.

Timex Expedition WS4 Watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Timex Expedition WS4 Watch | Photo credit: Timex

Most Expedition watches exhibit a rugged, solid build usually associated with men's timing instruments. The purpose, however, more pragmatic than aesthetic: the case will often be exposed to harsh weather conditions, for instance, snowy and mountainous ambiance, where water and knocks from stones pose a constant danger.

Similarly, size becomes a necessary adjustment to wearing method – suitable for wrapping around thick winter clothing and not directly on the wrist – rather than an expression of masculinity.

WS4:Wide Screen, 4 Functions

At first glance, Wide Screen Expedition strikes the eye as a geological or medical measuring instrument rather than a watch. Timex digitize completely the indispensable outdoors monitors (compass, altimeter, barometer), going as far as using the screen to simulate analog hands and indexes. The rectangular case is ruled into a grid, where each part displays its designated piece of data.


E-Instruments take a turn towards the analog, going for classic design and analog display with hands, dial, and numerals. The functions inside the case, however, remain the same. Such models as E-Altimeter, E-Compass, and E-Tide encase digital sensors, but display the data using a classic mechanical method; choosing between the two types boils down to individual preference. Chrono, Dive and Field watches opt for a fully analog and mechanical movement.

Design and Materials

The rectangular shape of WS4 seems less dramatic when we consider that Timex often experiment with case shapes: many Ironman watches show unorthodox designs that challenge notions of how a timepiece must look. The analog alternative relies on a familiar round frame, while the dials reveal a surprising similarity to Ulysse Nardin ultra-complicated meteorological Specialities creations.


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