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Timex Ironman Indiglo Men's Watch Review: Triathlon, Lap Memory, Tech, Sleek

Updated on January 15, 2015

Timex Ironman

Timex Ironman emerges as the most developed, versatile, and technologically advanced collection of watches that this brand has to offer – arguably eclipsing the variety and depth of Outdoor and Expedition lines.

Ironman timers rival not only products within the company: it successfully emulates such classic titles as Casio G-Shock and Citizen Eco-Drive, consistently introducing fresh and often surprisingly straightforward solutions such as the Flix and the TapScreen technology.

While others bring in new sensors and refine their precision, or develop alternative movements, Timex focus on the mechanics of reading and following time. Perfecting the simple things, the company realizes, is what will keep their customers happy.

Ironman Men's | Photo credit:  Timex
Ironman Men's | Photo credit: Timex

Of course, Ironman is anything but “simple.” Offering dozens of models, executed in a broad range of styles, and containing a matching depth of functions, it constitutes a true master collection – something every self-respecting watchmaker must have in their arsenal.


TapScreen and Flix technologies make each Ironman watch equipped with them an unusually intuitive instrument to operate. The former allows to activate chrono and lap functions by tapping on the screen instead of playing with push buttons.

True, both Casio and Timex (items without TapScreen) introduced large pushers to make things easier, but the tapping utility takes things to a different level of effortlessness.

Core, Sleek, Fitness

Ironman department consists of three main divisions. Core comprises the bulkier, more solidly built timepieces that often feature extra shock resistance qualities. Sleek represents Timex fashion aspirations in this line – it's arguably the most diverse Ironman section, offering men's, unisex, and ladies watches.

Fitness instruments measure heart rate, calories, pace, and other relevant data. We discuss these models more in-depth in Ironman women's review.


Ironman's functions contain all the features modern athletes came to expect from a digital and technologically advanced watch. Primary specs include a stopwatch (digital chronograph), several alarms, time zone indicators, and, of course, lap memory (10, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150 laps).

It must be said that most of these utilities are not unique to Timex; some Casio G-Shock models, as well as Casio Sports and even the more conservative Casio Classic provide similar or identical characteristics. What makes Timex Ironman stand out is the entire package, the whole that is more than the sum of its parts.


Ironman watches present a large display with oversized Arabic numerals – simplicity at its most effective, plastic and resin materials surrounding the screen; the band is either extra thin or contains venting slots, which not only increase air supply to the skin, but also minimize wrist contact with the strap.

Women's Ironman continues to elaborate the strap, lending it even more structural design subtlety.


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