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Timex Ironman Women's Watch Review: Triathlon, Sleek, Fitness, Lap Memory

Updated on January 15, 2015

Ironman Women's

Timex women's models of the trademark Ironman collection will retain, in most cases, the entire spectrum of functionality, yet exhibit considerable shifts in design and visual appearance.

While Ironman watches for men project masculinity and testosterone – toned down in unisex variations – women's opt for a more refined, and even fragile build. It is particularly surprising when we consider that these are tough, athletic watches, created for people who can boast the very same characteristics: toughness and athleticism.

Some of the models do almost improbable things with the band, reducing it to a thin, strip-like strap, imitating jewelry bracelets, but with resin, plastic, and other high-tech materials. Indeed, Timex thoroughly exploit the recent technological research and innovation in modern material science, manufacturing designs that would be inconceivable just a few years ago.

Ironman Women's watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Ironman Women's watch | Photo credit: Timex

In a way, the brand achieves a corollary goal of becoming a fashion innovator (by dramatically altering the structure of the case and the band) all the while striving to excel in such specs as durability, lightweight factor, and shock resistance.


TapScreen technology: we already discussed this important utility in our review of Ironman Men's watches, but it deserves another mention because of the useful way in which it can be fine-tuned. Timex enable the wearer to adjust the sensitivity with which the watch responds to the tapping action. Not only this feature can be customized to interact perfectly with your unique bodily mechanics, it also creates an indirect locking effect, where too little power wouldn't activate functions, preventing accidental or otherwise undesired meddling.

Core, Sleek, Fitness

Most Ironman watches display enough architectural flexibility to be considered unisex. Some are strictly masculine – the bulkier timers that emulate the massive Casio G-Shock – and quite a few were designed especially for women.

30-lap Core and and 50-lap Sleek (the one featuring a thinning elegant band) stand out as feminine, fashion-conscious watches that will often display a lighter and brighter shade (blue, violet, olive green) on the case and the strap.


Functions and utilities include trademark Indiglo lighting, water resistance up to 100 meters, various lap counters, alarms, several time zones, stopwatch (digital chronograph) and timers, training log, and more. Ironman Road Trainer encases a heart rate monitor and calories counter.


Straps become the most immediate and striking component in women's watches. In search of a lighter and more comfortable strap, designers let go of orthodox ideas, and boldly cut out excess material – the result is a lacy, filigree-like bracelet that leaves a lot of breathing space for the athlete's wrist. Visually, these are among Timex most avant-guard and fashionable watches.


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