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Timex Kids Analog and Digital Watches Review

Updated on June 30, 2013

Timex Kids

In kids watches department, Timex take a design approach that few other brands (Casio's G-Shock Crazy Colors comes to mind) considered imitating: they treat the products not only as timing mechanisms, but also as toys.

Everything from design, shape, colors, patterns, and price points to a lighter attitude, where play – what is being done through the passage of time – is no less important than time itself. Perhaps Timex touched something deeper here – are not all watches, after all said and done, eventually toys?

Kids watches fall into roughly fours categories: boys' and girls', and analog and digital. Boys watches tend to focus on military, and generally darker motifs on the case and straps; cars, swords, sports and plain color combinations become the usual gender cues.

Timex Kids Watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Timex Kids Watch | Photo credit: Timex

Girls' watches usually feature lots of pinks and violets, accompanied by flower patterns. More stylish models combine plain color (pastel pink and blue) leather straps with metallic cases.


The dials in analog watches continue the trend apparent on the surrounding bezels and straps: the face will often display the same theme, but on a smaller scale. Importantly, however, the florals and the butterflies do not interfere with the underlying grid. Reading time has not become more complicated, but it has definitely become more fun.

Tween Analog collection changes the shape of the case into an elliptic, powerful shape – a surprising addition that will appeal to both sports lovers and science fans.


The screens of kids digital watches cannot show painted patterns visible on their analog counterparts – but Timex compensate by introducing a playful LCD shape (a racing car, a cyclist), and large pushers that essentially act as decorative elements. When viewed slightly from afar, they create a spaceship (or an ultra-modern car-like) appearance.

Iron Kids collection includes the trademark Indiglo function, as well as a stopwatch. The rugged resin frames and the nylon straps protect the watch from knocks, and render it lightweight and easy to remove.


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