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Timex Men’s Classic Camper Watch Black T18581

Updated on March 26, 2012

Timex has been coming up with high quality, trendy and durable watches since 1854 when it began operations as Waterbury clock making pocket watches.  It went through two world wars, providing accurate time pieces for the troops.  Timex watches are known to last more than 10 years.  With over 400 models to choose from, there is surely a Timex watch to fit your need.  Men’s Timex watches as well as those for women have been a very popular choice for sports and outdoor enthusiasts as they offer many features that are specifically suitable for different sports and outdoor activities such as thermometer, altimeter and barometer.  Several famous athletes and record holders flaunt Timex watches that have been designed with their needs in mind. 

The Timex Camper watch is suitable for the outdoors, for a week of camping or a day of hiking or mountain biking.  The Timex Men’s Classic Camper Watch Black T18581 is mid-size, round analog watch.  It has a black plastic resin 35 millimeters case with a thickness of 8 millimeters.  It has a metal bezel for adjusting time.  The strap is 20 millimeters black nylon grosgrain fast wrap with a metal buckle that is very easy to put on without the hassles of adjusting clasps. You need to cut off or file off the scratchy nylon threads from the punch holes that may irritate your skin. The strap is also lightweight and flexible, being made of nylon.  A mineral dial window protects the black dial that features luminous numeral indicators, additional stick markers and hour and minute hand.  The sweeping second hand is red making it easy for those who need to use the second hand for timing purposes. Some users say that they would rather have just the indicators without the numerals as they make the face too complex looking.  Well, there are Timex watches that have this combination too so it is just a matter of choosing from the many models of Timex on what they really want to have. This watch is for those who want this particular combination that it is featuring.

The Timex Men’s Classic Camper Watch Black T18581 has a battery life of 10 years.  It has a reliable Timex quartz movement.  The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet but even then, it would be best to just expose it up to an occasional shower and not let it soak in the water for too long.  It weighs just a mere 3.20 ounces, it is very light weight and comfortable.  The watch excluding battery, strap and crystal carries a one year warranty against defects by Timex.  However, they will not repair defects for watches that were serviced by other repair centers that are not that of Timex.

As always, the Timex Men’s Classic Camper Watch Black T18581 carries the name of Timex that is synonymous with high quality, affordability and durability.  At just a mere $20, this watch is definitely a good buy. You get the same features as a watch that would cost hundreds of dollars.


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