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Timex Men's/Women's Classic Watches Review: Casual, Dress, Crystals, Diamonds

Updated on January 15, 2015

Timex Classic

Timex Classic watches encompass the brand's analog creations and embody its direct design approach.

The dials, the single and two-tone configurations, the salient Arabic numerals, and the occasional moderate embellishment (crystals and diamonds), complimented by a host of other features – they all point to Timex roots, and appear in one way or another in the company's vintage watches. In a way, classic timpieces become a link between history and modern times for this brand.

Due to their casual or light dressy character, Timex classics reveal a flexibility in aesthetic and materials that such rugged collections as Ironman and Expedition WS4 cannot afford. Both men's and women's pieces offer a choice between stainless steel bracelets and leather straps, and round or rectangular cases.

Timex Classic Watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Timex Classic Watch | Photo credit: Timex

Feminine watches go as far as adding diamonds for the numerals and mother-of-pearl for the face – two jewelry decorations that mark a transition towards fashion.


The collection of Timex classic watches for men includes an addition that immediately sets the line apart from the rest: rectangular cases. Especially when strung with a brown genuine leather strap, such a watch projects confidence more akin to indoors comfort and security rather than outdoors risk-taking.

In a way, rectangular pieces present a paradigmatic shift from the sports and extremes of Ironman and Expedition.


Classic Expedition division comprises a set of analog watches that, although differ in caliber, are notionally closely linked to their digital counterparts.

The affinity translates either into extra ruggedness (resin shock protection for the case), a complication (chronograph, digital date), or a straightforward combination with digital – a small screen at six o'clock indicating compass data, time zones, timers, and alarms.


Ladies classics take a step further towards fashion by morphing the rectangles into squares: an unusual shape that we encounter more often in such high-end and luxury brands as Jaeger Le-Coultre than the affordable Timex.

Dials in Elegant square collection feature a peach pastel shade, on which a decorative ornament and Roman numerals (a rarity in this brand) spread, creating an oriental visual effect. Small two-tone timpieces, with black or white dials, resemble various Ebel ladies designs.

Items carrying Swarowski crystals on the bezel and the bracelet introduce an element of bling – though in a very measured, restrained fashion. You will not find such avant-guard and unusual creations available in Fossil, Invicta, or Rado watches.


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