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Timex Vintage Mechanical, Quartz, Military, Gold Tone Watches Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Timex Vintage

Timex vintage watches cover a period of about seventy years, and encompass a watchmaking history starting from mechanical manual wind movements and ending with the first digital Ironman.

For collectors and watch lovers, Timex vintage timepieces present an enduring source of interest: while all collections currently in production fit into a tidy and orderly manufacture, older pieces often show some surprising and rare peculiarities.

Military timers comprise an important historical sub-category. Not yet known by brand name, they became the precursors of first shock resistant items – a feature that reaches its height in contemporary Ironman and Expedition collections – and can still evolve, as materials and science continue improving.

Timex Classic Quartz Watch | Photo credit:  Timex
Timex Classic Quartz Watch | Photo credit: Timex

Various dress models (ladies, two-tones, bracelets) reveal a side of Timex that today is somewhat overshadowed by its technologically inclined creations: fashion and classic wear.


Timex still produce several lines of automatic watches, in particular T-Series and SL-Series – lines that feature power reserve and chronograph complications. Vintage automatic timepieces contain only a date function, and come in familiar round, but also in a soft square shape (alluding to Patek Philippe Nautilus and Gondolo). The more orthodox type directly rivals the iconic Seiko 5.

Mechanical Hand Wound

The category of manually wound watches, unlike Automatic, was eventually abolished, increasing the intrinsic value of extant vintage assortment. Men's items present a design similar to the above discussed, though some models add on a day of the week complications. Women's timers exhibit some unusual shapes (usually oval), complimented by elaborate bracelets and crowns.

Gold, Gold Plated, Gold Tone

Gold made, painted, and plated vintage watches comprise a fashion and dress category that in today's selection has been rerouted towards the casual. These pieces reveal that perhaps at some stage Timex considered seriously developing its fashion department – plans which, if they existed, were probably abandoned when digital innovations showed a path where the brand could make greater strides.


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