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Timex men's ironman 100 lap flix system watch t5e231

Updated on March 26, 2012

Allow yourself to have a good time and then compete, compete for what is worth and compete like you’ve never competed before. Every competition has its beginning and an end but what you do in the middle is what counts. By doing everything means having the best tools of the trade, one of which is the Timex Men’s Ironman Watch T5E231. The competition is tough and you want something to help you bring home the bacon, a timepiece that churns out a top notch performance with durability and style. The ironman Timex watch is every inch a winner with its numeric display and a black strap adorning your wrist. A touch of gray strips surround the strap and multifunction feature gives you the ultimate companion in any ironman competition.

The level of competition is every bit excruciating in any Ironman event that’s why Timex watches made sure that you are way ahead of expectations by integrating a 100 hour chronograph, you can now measure your laps in confidence. After a hard day of competing or practicing don’t lose those precious data with the 100 lap memory recall. It reveals your best and average lap times and at any given day you can be sure of your progress by accessing the chronograph training log, you can’t lose a beat by having your workouts stored properly. Since you will be practicing very hard you might be up in the early morning when it is still dark, no worries with the indiglo night light. Full visual clarity even at night and it comes with a night mode feature so you get the complete set even in the dark. With the Timex Flix system you can activate the Indiglo feature by shaking your wrist. No more searching for buttons in the dark.

You’ve finally saw the tip of the iceberg and you finally come to realize that in any ironman event preparation gets you ahead of the competition. The ironman Timex watch gives you a built in setting reminder so that special event will always be remembered.  A host of other features gives you enough reason to train with the Timex watch in grand fashion.

The ironman event is nothing more than a competition where only the best athletes survive and by having the right equipment for the event you have one foot at the finish line. Timex watches provide the right equipment in every Ironman athlete who wants the best for every training and for the ultimate competition. With a 2.5 year battery life you are assured that your Timex timepiece stays with you in the long run giving you an absolute companion wherever the competition may be. Durability comes also with every Timex watches as it is water resistant up to 100 meters giving you absolute confidence even when you are soaked in the rain. The screen gives you a 12 or 24 hour format with a month, day and date display.


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