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Timex women's fashion two tone bracelet t25771

Updated on March 26, 2012

Women want to make a great impression at events or parties; elegance is part of the fashion game. It starts off with the right dress, the right perfume, a pair of excellent shoes and last but not the least the timepiece. She walks with a certain aura that only the crowd around her can sense and the way she projects herself adds another level of confidence. She comes and goes but her beauty makes other people stare with admiration. Her hand reaches for strands of hair that goes wayward and she starts fixing them into place, a man stares at her hand and a shiny vintage fashion that is only evident for a woman of his taste.

She reveals a timepiece with a quartz movement, puzzled the man comes a little closer and tries to make conversation. The lady in red agrees to his gentle request by remaining in her posture and answering eloquently with every anticipated question. As the conversation starts, the man listens intently as the woman starts a long answer but his eyes is fixated on the beautiful two tone case and bracelet, no wonder it’s an elegant timepiece, it’s from Timex he thinks aloud. The man, an expert on excellent watches, studied the woman’s wrist and agreed that it has a perfect display that revealed a date window at the three o’clock position. Suddenly a power interruption cuts the conversation, the man noticed the surface of the watch uniformly lights up. The woman suddenly says the watch is equipped with an Indiglo night light using a patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. The man all the more excited, revealed herself to the woman and his expertise.

As the two made their conversation on the Timex T25771, she described it with more fervor than before. At the date of purchase, she goes, you are given a one year warranty so you have the confidence to use it within that period and even if it breaks down you can be assured that it will be taken care of. The woman goes on, that even when she’s going home and a bad weather  is coming in she doesn’t hide the fact that her Timex watch goes with her even in the rain because she knows it is water resistant  up to 165 feet.

The man shared her two cents worth of advice and revealed that, a watch like her own, which is adorned in stainless steel and in case with a gold tone bezel on a white dial background speaks well of her choices in life. The excellent the timepiece, the excellent the choices she will make in her life and the woman smiled. As the party is about to end the man asks for the woman’s number who was obviously smitten by the woman’s charm on how she handled herself. The night ended with the woman taking off into the night with the red dress and the timepiece that attracted attention.


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