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Tinted Moisturizer For Men

Updated on September 13, 2010

Ever wanted to wear a little make up without being totally obvious about it and ending up looking like a clown or an outright drag queen? Make up can be difficult to get right for men, who are not accustomed to using it in the same way women are, and who are rarely given the same guidance that women are given on the subject, but tinted moisturizer is an excellent and entirely easy way to dip one's toes into the world of make up, without the risk of overdoing it and being obvious.

Credit for inspiration for this article must go to reader Molly, who uses tinted moisturizer and enjoys the coverage of lumps and bumps that the small amount of foundation included in tinted moisturizers can provide.

It's probably quite obvious by now then, that tinted moisturizer is simply moisturizer with a little foundation mixed into it. Unlike normal moisturizers that come without any tinting agents, some care does need to be taken when choosing a tinted moisturizer to ensure that the appropriate shade is chosen. Most tinted moisturizers come in several different shades, and you should not feel shy in availing yourself of testers provided at cosmetics counters.Having said that however, you may very well be able to get away with simply taking an educated guess at the most appropriate shade for you, as long as the tint in the moisturizer is a reasonably close match for your skin, the results of wearing it should be light and natural.

Tinted moisturizers really do function as excellent 'training wheels' into the world of cosmetics. Unlike outright foundations, which can be quite heavy and are prone to being very obvious on male skin, which tends to develop large, obvious pores, a tinted moisturizer is designed to be light, which means it shouldn't sink into your pores, putting you at risk for acne and making your face eventually look something like the surface of the moon.

To wear tinted moisturizer, simply apply a little product to your fingertips and thence to your face. A little usually goes a long way, so avoid any impulses to squirt large amounts of the product into your hand and simply go to town. Ensure that the moisturizer is blended into your hairline and jawline, and that you've achieved even coverage across your face, and you should be ready to step out the door looking as if you have perfect skin within just a couple of minutes.

There are definite benefits to wearing tinted moisturizer too. If you choose a product with SPF protection, you'll not only be hydrating your skin, but you'll also be protecting it from the sun's rays. There's no reason to go about with horrid flaky peeling skin just because you're a man when a little tinted moisturizer can have you looking your best so very easily.


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