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Tip push clean toxins from the body to the skin beautiful, beautiful appearance

Updated on July 25, 2016

The detox method (body purification) long can make you lose power, even malnutrition and affects the work. This makes many people want to cleanse toxins but is afraid to shake hands to try to detox heavy style. In this article we will refer to these types of removing toxins from the body quickly, quietly and efficiently brings high.

first. Start your day with a cup of warm water with a temperature or room temperature (It's best to room temperature. The temperature of the water is important because if a drink or cold food can cause shock organs in your body and makes the process slow metabolism). You squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water, drink and about 15-30 minutes after you eat breakfast.

Reasons for this detox is good for your body: Lemon contains a lot of nutrients and has the ability to boost the immune system, skin brightening vitamin C, minerals, fiber .... mild acid in lemon cleaning systems intestines, removing waste products from your body. Lemon also helps increase the quality of the beneficial enzyme system and good for the liver, the kidneys help filter out toxins from the people.


Took some activated charcoal per day. According to experts, this is Tricia Williams detox new methods, as well as gentle to very good for the body.

You can buy activated carbon easily at pharmacies. Activated charcoal will absorb toxins and harmful substances to the body before it is absorbed into the intestinal wall. You can phase activated carbon and lime juice and add some honey to taste.

3. In the cool clear days or cold man, you should eat soup in the meal to alleviate pressure on gastrointestinal system. You can cook a little chicken or beef with carrots, celery, onion, garlic ... to create a delicious soup detox energetic again.


You can change a few days a week transferred from meal to fully fleshy vegetables. According to the page blogger Danielle Dubouse Sakara Life Nutrition is a diet rich in organic foods with whole vegetables, fruits, vegetables, whole grains .. also is a natural detox. Organic foods have grown in environments with absolutely no harmful chemicals, so they are safe for the body.


Eating sunflower seeds are also a way to detox gently, natural that many people do not know. This delicious nuts contain many antioxidants. When chewed them out to create beneficial oils help increase metabolism and balance blood sugar.


Additional beneficial bacteria is also a way to purify the body naturally. Lactobacterin and beneficial micro khhuaanr good help and control intestinal absorption of toxins in the body. You can tell this good bacteria in powdered juice and gently shake, or eat with yogurt.


Bitter chocolate as possible. You should eat chocolate with cocoa content ranges from 70-80%. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, good for anti-aging process of the body.


Spicy like ginger, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric ... These spices are the food this helps excrete toxins naturally. They help cleanse your body and make you relaxed, healthier.


Drinking chamomile tea at night not only help balance, soothe the senses, but also makes excretion of waste products gently.


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