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Tips On Hairstyles For Women

Updated on June 16, 2011

Hairstyles For Women

We cannot deny that hairstyling is now a part of a woman's makeup routine. Women put in great efforts to make sure that they have a good hairdo before a very important appointment. A good hairstyle brings out a woman's best facial features. Surely, we desire hairstyles for women to be feminine, classic, modern and romantic.

Hairstyles can do an enormous amount for you, not only for your face, but for all that you have and stand for. The way you wear your hair can make you look taller or shorter, funky, conservative or stylish and so on. One of the deciding factors on your selection of hairstyles is the shape of your face. So before you decide your ideal hairstyle, check out the shape of your face by slicking your hair to the back of your head with a hair band and draw the outline of your face in the mirror with an old lipstick. Step away from the mirror and look at the shape. Once you have determined the shape, follow the tips below for an ideal hairstyle.

1. Round Face

A round face needs a style to make your face looks slimmer and your cheekbones more structured.

  • Go for a layered cut through the back and the bottom of your hair. If you want some strands to fall on the sides of the face, just make sure that they are longer than the length of your chin. It will go well with a side part or wispy fringe or bang.

  • To create an illusion of length, you may color your hair with low lights at the sides of the face and lighter highlights on the crown.

  • By all means, avoid hair length at chin level, a rounded “bubble cut”, center part, a straight “chopped” or short blunt fringe.

2. Square Face

If your face is square, choose

  • a hairstyle that gives some roundness to the shape and some height at the crown. The hairstyle must not ends at the jawline. Below or above it, is fine.
  • Further enhance your looks by lightening the hair around your face to create a soft look. Except for curly hair, you can take a fringe that touches the eyebrows. For long and thick or frizzy hair, layer the fringe throughout to thin it out.

For your case, avoid super short or long straight hairstyles that accentuate your square jawbone or a straight bob hairstyle ending at the jaw,. Do not go for straight bangs or fringe or center parting.

3. Oval Face

Your face is well balanced and therefore you look great in any hairstyle. Avoid covering your perfect face shape with heavy bangs or fringes.

  • Go for soft layered cut if you like it long. It will add volume and great appeal. Color the hair around your face with low lighting.

  • You can wear a short bob longer at the sides and shorter at the back.

  • If you have thick hair, go for either a short fringe or a long and blunt fringe. Go for a long wispy fringe or bang if you have fine hair.

4. Heart-shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, choose

  • a hairstyle that will create volume around the bottom of your face. Do not keep your hair length more than four inches below your shoulders.
  • If your hair is thick and long, go for a layered cut or long curls. Let your curls fall softly and loosely at the sides of your face. Highlight hair above the ears to widen your face and low light above. Try a shorter, wispy fringe or a blunt fringe. It will look gorgeous on you.

Do not go for hairstyles that emphasize your upper face without balancing your narrow chin.

5. Rectangular Long Face

If your face is long and slender, with your forehead and below cheeks about the same width, choose

  • hairstyles that balance out the length of your face. Go for a short, edgy unstructured cut so that your hair will look thick or messy and your face wide. Add highlights to the hair at the sides of the face and the forehead area. Your face will appear shorter.
  • You may disguise a long forehead with a thick blunt-cut fringe. Keep no fringe if you have a small forehead.

Avoid too much length, it will only make your face look longer. Keep it above shoulder length. Avoid center parting.


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    • golden showers profile image

      golden showers 6 years ago from Malaysia


      Your name speaks much about your interest.

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      tweetyourhair 6 years ago from New York

      nice hub. :)