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Tips On Matching Clothes: How to mix and match what you have

Updated on May 22, 2012

Fashion Tips for Matching Clothes

Some people are used to wearing 5 colors at once, like a pair of jeans, an orange sweatshirt, blue socks, yellow sneakers, and a red baseball cap. This may be fun for casual situations but if you really want to make a good fashionable impression, that is for work, or at a social function, or just everyday wear, I'd suggest you take these tips. You may find that wearing clothes that compliment each other, which takes just a little effort, may make you feel better. Let's see what we can do.


1) Go thru your wardrobe and match all your tops and bottoms. You'll be surprised how many things can make outfits. Line up all your black shirts with your black pants and so on.

2)Find a top/bottom you really like that does not match anything and wear it to the store. There you can find a perfect match for it--it will be with you!

Try matching your purse, shoes, and belt.

Buy black and white purses, shoes, and belts to go with most of what you have.


Gold jewelry is said to go with dark clothes and Silver jewelry with light clothes.


Wear light makeup if you have pale skin and wear light clothes

Wear dark makeup if you have dark(er) skin with darker clothes

5)Save money on clothes --Spruce up an old sweater with a scarf or go to thrift stores or places like Walmart.

6) Mixing and matching

Not everyone wants to wear the same color top and bottom. For example: Find a black and white top to go with black pants.

Making your clothes last!

Use gentle liquid detergent- it is less abrasive than powdered detergent.

Never overload

Use gentle cycle

Dry on low heat--it preserves the life of your clothes

**You may also want to handwash your clothes; soak them in mild detergent in a bucket

Also even if you wash your clothes in the washing machine, you may want to let them air dry** Because many clothes shrink in the dryer, especially cotton, and also wear down easier. To air dry, find a wooden rack in stores, to lay out your clothes on, but make sure you have it over a tile floor, not a wood or rug, so it can drip dry, or place plastic under it.

Just a few ideas for those of us who are not familiar with these ideas; I know I wasn't!!

And use scented dryer scheets!

How to match shoes w/ outfit


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