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Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Updated on October 22, 2011

Hairs speak a lot of your self-grooming and self-hygiene. Hairs speak for your beauty and style. So, every single soul there wants to have healthy, shinny, thick, damage-free hair. It is said that fairer sex is more conscious about ‘how their hair looks’ but boys are equally mindful to maintain their hair looks. Here are some tips to let your hair more healthy and shinny.

Healthy Scalp Keeps Hair Healthy

Hair grows from scalp. If your scalp would not be healthy your hair would not be healthy. To keep your hair healthy and shinny you must keep your scalp healthy.  In simplest words, healthy hair needs a healthy scalp to grow and be healthy.

Keep The Hair Clean

Dirt damages hair most. The simplest way to keep your hair healthy is keep it as much dirt free as possible. Do bathe your hair on a regular basis. Massage shampoo with finger tips on your scalp. Make thick foam and rinse your hair, from root to tip, and scalp properly. It helps in removing dirt from scalp and hair.

Do Not Torture Your Wet Hair

Wet hairs are more sensitive as compare to dry hair. Do not roughly comb or brush your hair when it is wet. Do not deal with wet hair brutally; it can damage it in more ways you can think of.  Do pamper it softly with towel and dry it with patience after all you do love your hair, don’t you?

Pick A Proper Shampoo

Pick a shampoo that suits your hair type. It is good to make some experiments. But read the bottle careful to know about the purpose of product. Selecting a wrong product can also damage your healthy hair. Whatever you buy, just read the instructions carefully.

Use Conditioner

To protect your hair from dirt and keep it healthy use conditioner after every time you shampoo your hair. Conditioners help in locking the proteins in the hair. Some of the products have UV protecting factor it in, it helps in keeping your hair healthy and do not let it damage by sun light. 

Do Not Blow Dry Hair Vigorously

We all use to blow dry hair almost every time we wash hair, for time saving and convenience. I would not say not to use it at all, we can use it cooler temperature, as high heat damages healthy hair. Do not dry your hair completely using blow dry, leave hair a little damp and let the hairs dry by its own. It helps in keeping hair healthy and shinny.

Use Hair Serums

Use of after wash hair serums protect your hairs a lot from damage and keep it healthy. It keeps your safe from dirt and UV rays. Hair serums add a natural shine and volume in hair which make your hairs look naturally healthy.

Trim The Split Ends

Trim your hair after a certain interval on time. Some girls want long hair, to get it in less time interval they avoid trimming which cause split and damage ends. Hairs with damage and split end to do grow. Hairs seems rough and dull from the ends and it spoils all the other works as shampooing and conditionings. So, to grow your hair fast and in a healthy way, trim your hair on regular basis.

Do Not Let Your Hair Dry And Over Dry

Do not let your hair over dry. Oil your hair about once a week for two hours. If there is dandruff on your scalp, do proper treatment for that. Shampoos with yogurt and egg help in avoiding dandruff. If your hairs are dull and get fizzy and over dry after wash, try to use products (shampoo, conditioner and serum) which are made to deal with such type of hairs. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. Even if you’re taking some hair treatments from salon, do insist on quality not on lesser amount of money. Read instruction, directions and ingredients of the product carefully, properly and completely, do read about possible side effects as well.  Before applying anything on your hairs, be sure that it suits your hair type. Applying wrong hair type’s product may harm your healthy hairs.

Don’t Take Stress

Stress could damage your hairs so badly, avoid it. Take proper rest, it will also help in keeping your hair healthy and shinny. If your body and mind feel fresh and healthy then your hairs will be healthy. 

Stay Healthy And Stay Hydrated

Eat well and drink a lot of water. The food you eat helps keeping your hair healthy so as your body. Drink a lot of water, it helps in keeping your hair healthy and shinny.


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    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 6 years ago

      These are great tips for keeping your hair healthy. I make sure I use a heat defense spray before blow drying, curling or straightening my hair. It helps tremendously.

    • Jasnav profile image

      Jasnav 7 years ago

      Nice tips for maintaining hair in a natural way. Way to go Hassam!