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Tips and Tricks for New Haircut!!

Updated on January 6, 2015

Cream of the Crop

Short styles will always be timeless, versatile and chic – Posh, Kate Moss and Jennifer Lawrence have already proved that. However, they do require commitment.

Most hair textures can go short, but crops work best on medium to thick hair, the more hair, the more styling options you have.

Crops suit Oval Faces The shorter the hair, the more your face is on display. A crop leaves no hair to help elongate and balance out the face, so rounder face shapes appear wider. If you have a long face, get a crop with a fringe.

Accentuate your Favorite Features

If you like your cheekbones, or are looking to open up your eyes, tell your hairdresser. They can work your cut around that.

Regular trims Maintenance is key. Growth will be noticeable within a month, so book in for a trim every four to six weeks.

Try different texture like Kirsten Stewart with sleek sides and a quiff fringe
Try different texture like Kirsten Stewart with sleek sides and a quiff fringe

Styling is Essential

For the ultimate polished look, work a pea-sized amount of styling cream or all through damp hair, which will help to create a smooth style. After blow-drying, spritz your hair with a shine-enhancing hairspray for a gorgeous, glossy finish.

If you are after a slightly edgier look, use a bulking spritz to add volume, then blast dry, using your fingers to ruffle your hair and add movement. Flip your front strands over to one side and use a teasing comb or volumising powder to add more height at the roots. Finally, take a few small sections from the top layer of your hair and wrap them around a small to medium barreled wand for added texture, then finish with flexible hold hairspray.

Kirsten Stewart Short Hair Style
Kirsten Stewart Short Hair Style

Middle Ground (Mid Length Hair

Mid-length hair used to be just an annoying in-between phase, but not anymore. IT’s sexy and low maintenance – and if you are having a bad hair day, it’s still long enough to pull back.

This length is suited to finer hair. Thicker hair, especially if it’s curly, has a tendency to get wider around your shoulders. This can then make your face look wide.

It works on most face shapes There are so many different ways to personalize the style – just add a fringe, layers or a pairing.

Ask for a One-Length cut Google Olivia Palermo and ask for her cut. Her One-Length style has some light layers to frame her face and will be amazingly popular this year.

Trim every eight weeks This will help to keep your hair in tip-top condition and maintain your super-stylish, collarbone-cruising length.

How a simple Mid-Length Hair style can look effortlessly Chic
How a simple Mid-Length Hair style can look effortlessly Chic

Wavy or Straight

If you want natural movement without having to blow-dry your hair, sleep with it in a bun for a soft wave. Apply a couple of drops of oil to your ends to prevent them going fuzzy. Then tie your hair up with a scrunchie – it won’t cause any breakage and you won’t get corkscrew curls. The following morning, spritz in a salt spray for a relaxed, tousled look.

For a sleek finish, use a heat protector before blow-drying. Always use a nozzle and direct the heat downwards to train your hair to lie flat. Even out any bumps and waves with your straighteners and pop a frizz tamer in your bag to smooth hair and sort out those pesky flyaway’s when you’re out and about.

The Long Game

There’s a fine line between long hair that’s been regularly cut and hair that’s been neglected. Be bold and lose the bottom few inches – you will still have long hair, but it will be in better condition.

Long locks work best on thick hair. Thin or fine hair can look wispy the longer it gets. And you risk it looking barely-there at the ends, which can then look uneven.

Long Hair Works on all Face Shapes It can elongate rounder faces and help to hide square jaws. And if you have an oval face, lucky you, any length flatters.

Vidya Balan long Hair Style
Vidya Balan long Hair Style

Consider Layers or a Fringe With the wrong cut, long hair can drown you. Long faces really benefit from face-framing layers or a side fringe as they help to open up your.

The Longer the Hair is the Older it is It’s had more exposure to pollution, heat and sun damage. Trimming every eight weeks will help undo that damage, prevent split ends, breakage and keep your hair looking healthy.

Do weekly Treatments Leave-in treatments work wonders and bring dull, tired hair back to life, as do nourishing masques. Use a strengthening or nourishing mask to prevent breakage.

How to Style If you’re too busy to wash your hair, spritz dry shampoo into your roots to give lift before pulling back into a loose ponytail. If you want to up the glam-factor, use sectioning clips and a large round brush when blow-drying. Leave the hair wrapped around the brush for a few minutes before you move onto the next section – this will help it keep its bounce and volume and give you a salon-worthy finish.


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