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Tips for Buying Used Pageant Dresses for Sale

Updated on March 24, 2012

pageant dresses - glitz pageant dresses

If you’re looking for pageant dresses for sale, you can save a lot of money by buying used pageant dresses. We’ve bought several used pageant dresses on Ebay for my granddaughters' beauty pageants, and we’ve been happy with all our purchases. Sometimes we’ve enhanced used pageant dresses by adding stones or a new skirt, but in some cases, we didn’t have to anything at all to the used pageant dresses before they were worn by my granddaughters. Ebay is a great source for used pageant dresses, including glitz pageant dresses, but you need to follow a few commonsense guidelines before falling in love with a pageant dress. Below are a few tips for buying used pageant dresses online, based on my experience as both a buyer and a seller.

Used pageant dresses or new pageant dresses?

Most of the glitz dresses on Ebay are used pageant dresses that were custom made for a specific child. When new, these dresses might have cost $2,000 or more. Obviously, you can buy used pageant dresses for a lot less. New pageant dresses offered on Ebay are rarely competitive glitz pageant dresses. In fact, some are made in China, and these rarely score well in glitz pageants. You’d be much better off to buy a quality used glitz pageant dress than you would an inferior pageant dress that’s new. Sometimes you can find a dressmaker on Ebay who will custom make a pageant dress for your daughter. This might be a good option, too, but be sure to see lots of examples of her work before making a decision.

Descriptions of pageant dresses

If you’re a pageant newbie who’s shopping for pageant dresses on Ebay, pay absolutely no attention to the terms “national level pageant dress” or “state level pageant dress.” To many advertisers, these terms mean nothing. Sometimes you’ll find a horrid dress that would be the butt of lots of jokes listed as a “national level pageant dress.” Of course, on the other hand, you’ll also find some gorgeous pageant dresses described in this manner.

Photos of pageant dresses

Don’t even bother bidding on pageant dresses that don’t include photos of the dresses – no matter how the seller describes a dress. You need to see pictures – several of them. You need to get a good view of the bodice, the skirt, and the back of the dress. Many sellers of pageant dresses on Ebay will send your more photos if you ask, so ASK! You can never see too many photos of pageant dresses that you’re considering purchasing.

Pageant dresses – sizes

Something else that can be misleading with used pageant dresses is size. Custom-made pageant dresses are made according to the measurements of a specific child, and not by a size. You don’t go to a maker of pageant dresses and tell them you want a pageant dress in a size 3T. The dressmaker will get careful measurements of the child before starting on the dress.

Most used pageant dresses for sale will include a size, but this is usually just more of a guideline. Custom-made pageant dresses will list the specific measurements of the dress, so pay close attention. Measure your child carefully – many sellers do not take returns.

Ask questions!

Never be shy about asking sellers questions about pageant dresses! Buying pageant dresses can be a pretty big investment, especially for glitz pageant dresses. You probably won’t be able to accurately judge everything about a dress from photos alone. Ask how old the dress is, how many times it’s been worn, and if it has any stains or missing stones. Many used pageant dresses have tanning stains, especially under the arms. If the stains are on the inside of the dress and can’t be seen by the judges, that’s fine. Missing stones can also be replaced easily on used pageant dresses.

If you ask the seller questions about the dress you’re interested in, save all the emails. That way, if the dress arrives and you find that it’s much different than the way it was described, you’ll have evidence for filing a dispute with Ebay. You can also leave negative feedback as a warning to other buyers. If, however, the dress was described accurately by the seller and you’re pleased with the purchase, be sure to leave positive feedback. This can help with future buyers who might be looking for used pageant dresses.

Used pageant dresses are a great way to save money. You can find used pageant dresses for sale on Ebay.
Used pageant dresses are a great way to save money. You can find used pageant dresses for sale on Ebay.
Weve bought several used pageant dresses on Ebay, including this winning dress.
Weve bought several used pageant dresses on Ebay, including this winning dress.
You can always add more stones to used pageant dresses or to new pageant dresses. My best friend and I stoned this winning dress.
You can always add more stones to used pageant dresses or to new pageant dresses. My best friend and I stoned this winning dress.

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