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Tips for Girls on How to Look Amazing

Updated on December 25, 2013

The Modern Girl

A modern girl's confidence and self esteem consists of a combination of different things mixed together, and one of those things is her appearance. It is a proven fact that when girls who are experiencing an emotional time of sadness and or depression (no matter what the reason) improve their appearance, they feel much better than before. This is usually advice for girls who are experiencing break ups. Modern girls are very busy with technology, obligations, and friends/family. There should always be enough time for a girl to look amazing.

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The Modern Girl's Appearance

The modern girl has a much more different appearance than the girls from many generations before. The modern girl dresses differently, but also acts differently. Modern girls tend to wear more makeup, more jewelry, and less clothing when compared to girls during the 1950's generation. The modern girl's appearance has evolved and changed so much that many girls forget the basics to looking good. Many modern girls may be so busy and caught up with their life that they may lack on their appearance because their is not enough time within their busy schedule.

Tips for Girls on How to Look Amazing

This hub is about the modern girl, but also contains some helpful and easy tips for girls on how to look amazing during their busy life. By accomplishing these tips, any girl can look amazing and also feel amazing about herself. After a few small changes have been made and old patterns changed, any girl can look amazing and feel amazing, on the inside and out.

1. Buy a Trendy Wardrobe.

A girl's wardrobe is the most important resource to look amazing.

  • Two or three graphic tees with bright and bold colors.
  • One vest that is black, grey, or pinstripe.
  • Three or four jackets/hoodies that are mostly bright colored with only a few in darker colors.
  • Five or six tank tops in colors like white, black, pink, and other complimenting colors.
  • Five or six pairs of jeans in different types, styles, and colors.
  • Three or four pairs of shorts in various types, styles, and colors.
  • One or two denium skirts that are not too short.
  • Two or three skirts with different lengths and fabrics.
  • Two to four pairs of leggings mainly in black.
  • Two or three summer dress with prints.

2. Wear Unique Accessories.

Accessories compliment an outfit and brings out the natural beauty of a girl. Depending upon the outfit chosen, accessories should be appealing and nice to look at. The is a large variety of accessories to choose from:

  • Belts - over a t-shirt or t-shirt dress and with jeans.
  • Scarfs - in a variety of colors and fabrics.
  • Earrings - silver hoops and diamonds studs are the most classy.
  • Purses and bags - a small one for traveling and a big one for everyday use.
  • Necklaces - any shape, size, and colors.
  • Bracelets - some chunky and some that look like multiple bracelets.
  • Headbands/Hats - for bad hair days.

3. Choose Appriopriate Shoes.

Every one knows that shoes are very important to girls. Having multiple pairs of shoes is also another commonly known fact among girls. A girl should have a variety of shoes that match correctly with their wardrobe. High heels are not always the best shoe to wear. Girls in elementary and middle school should not wear high heels to school because it is inappropriate and sends the wrong message. Some common shoes that girls must have are:

  • Two to five pairs of flats - flat shoes are very in style this year and match perfectly with anything from the trendy wardrobe.
  • One or two pairs of boots - black or brown boots are wonderful for the rain and cold weather, but can be worn anytime during the year.
  • One pair of tennis shoes - for working out or walking.
  • Sandals - the metal ones are in style this year but a variety of colors is versatile.

4. Avoid Too Much Makeup.

When it comes to applying and wearing makeup, some girls wear way too much and way too dark. Make should always be worn appropriately for girls to look amazing. When girls are in elementary school, no makeup is needed because it is inappropriate at such a young age. When girls are in middle school, they should start of slow, by experimenting with lip gloss, mascara, and blush. High school and college girls should have a fairly natural look to enhance natural beauty.

  • Lips - Lips should be enhanced with lip gloss and the lips should be exfoliated with a tooth brush.
  • Eyes - eyeshadow is usually worn only during formal events, but neutral and natural colors may be worn in moderation.
  • Skin - an oil free foundation is great to cover imperfections, but the correct shade should match natural skin tone.

5. Utilize Personal Hygiene.

Personal hygiene is important for everyone to utilize for a more healthier self and a polished appearance. Caring for your personal needs is necessary for maintaining an amazing and sanitary look, but also because it can demonstrate pride in your look. There are a few aspects of personal hygiene that should be accomplished:

  • Body - bathe every other day; remove unwanted hair with a razor or hair removal cream; always moisturize after washing
  • Face - wash face twice per day - once in the morning and once before bed; always moisturize after washing; never go to sleep with makeup on.
  • Teeth - brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash twice a day (in the morning and before bed) and whiten once per month.
  • Hair - wash hair every other day; be sure to condition after washing; dry hair gently by squeezing firmly to avoids tangles and breakage.
  • Nails - have regular manicures and pedicures to avoid nails getting out of control; keep nails natural looking; do not bite nails.

6. Have a Positive Attitude.

Attitude means having a certain way of thinking or feeling about someone or something which is reflected through behavior. The attitude can be favor or disfavor. Having a positive attitude means thinking and feeling positively about people and situations, as in favoring them. Even during tough and challenging times, having a positive attitude is much more attractive than being negatiive.

7. Smile More Often.

It has been said that when a girl smiles, she can light up a room. A smile on a girl's face is the most amazing thing she can wear to look amazing. Smiling is healthy for the facial muscles, but also enhances any appearance. A sincere smile is way of illustrating that a person is happy, content, and satisfied. Facial expressions are a very important form of communication and guys like girls better when they are happy, content, and satisfied.

8. Maintain Correct Posture.

It is very important for a girl to maintain the correct posture when sitting and when standing for many different reasons. Posture is directly linked with emotional health. Having poor posture means having lower energy levels and also depression. When a girl is sitting and standing correctly, she is more vibrant and noticeable. There are methods and products that are available to increase the correct posture positions such as standing straight, wearing a special bra, or wearing a back brace.

9. Practice Good Manners.

Every girl should practice good manners to look amazing. Having manners is important to appearance, but also because girls should always have good manners. Good manners for a girl to practice are:

  1. Courtesy by saying "Please" and "Thank you" or "Excuse me".
  2. Speaking politely as in not interrupting, not swearing, and not discussing rude topics.
  3. Table manners including eating and chewing considerately.
  4. Telephone manners by using the phone in appropriate settings and only during the appropriate times.

10. Keep Explicit Self Confidence.

Self confidence is very attractive and important for any girl express. When a girl is confident in herself, her appearance is improved by more than 10%. Being explicitly self confident includes being self-reassured and maintaining a high self-esteem that is fully and clearly expressed. Self confidence also involves demonstrating that you are happy with your personal judgement, actions, abilities. A girl who has self confidence is much more attractive and vibrant than a girl who is unconfident and unsure about herself.

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