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11 Dry Hair Care Tips To Do At Home

Updated on September 25, 2011
Hair Tips For Dry Hair
Hair Tips For Dry Hair

Hair Tips And Hair Types

This article compiles some effective tips to keep your hair healthy. This exhaustive list is categorized according to the hair types. Different people have different types of hair. To have a systematic and effective treatment the key is to identify your hair type. A normal person loose almost 10- 50 hairs a day. If the loss exceeds this limit then your hair is not normal. Most of us are obsessively drowned in information -overload about hair care and eventually confused what and what not to do. Let's prowl over another set of Do's and Dont's for specific hair types.

Different Types Of Hair

  • Dry Hair: This kind of hair usually looks dry within hours after bath.
  • Oily Hair: Are the type of hair which looks oily even if you have'nt applied oil .
  • Normal Hair: The hair type which is neither dry nor oily.

General Tips For Healthy Hair Care

Other than this, there are more hair types like split-ended hair, broken hair, dull and damaged hair etc. The best thing to do if you are not sure about your hair type is to ask an expert beautician to find it for you. Regular shampooing is good to remove dirt and dust. Home shampoos are the best. Don't keep changing the shampoo brands frequently it does more damage than good. Choose a the appropriate shampoo after carefully considering your hair type and environment. If you don't travel much use shampoo on alternate days. Basically, shampoos are for cleaning the scalp. Use conditioner after shampooing to remove the chemicals from hair tips. Lets jump into some cool tips to for dry hair.

Dry Hair Care Tips

  1. Take food rich in Zinc. This is the best medicine to keep your hair healthy.
  2. Here is a tip to make your dry hair smoother: Take 2 tablespoon olive oil and mix it with 2 egg whites and brush it to your hair.
  3. People with dry hair should comb it only when its wet. Use combs with wide strands to do combing. This will help in preventing hair strangling.
  4. To keep dry hair healthy moisture is essential. Use conditioners with dimethicone, nut oil, butter etc.
  5. If oil is previously applied then shampooing can be done directly on hair. Else, wash your hair with water first and then shampoo it. After washing away the shampoo dry your hair with towel and then apply conditioner and brush with your fingers. After that, wash the hair with lukewarm water.
  6. To make dry hair more moisturized you can apply hydrating creams. This gives a glow to your hair.
  7. If your hair looses its color or darkness then shift to shampoos which protect your hair color.
  8. You don't get complete effect if hair colours are used in hair which has already lost it's color. Use natural oils.

Dont's For Dry Hair

  1. Which ever hair type is yours, never use soap's instead of shampoos.
  2. While shampooing, don't increase the quantity of shampoo to see more visible foams. The chemical ingredients in shampoo are enough in small quantities to clean your scalp.
  3. Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before shampooing otherwise the shampoo won't be able to foam well.

~~~~~~~~~~~Sharing Is Caring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~Sharing Is Caring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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      Urmila 6 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

      Useful, well written!

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      fashion 6 years ago

      This is very informative and useful.Well done.