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5 Effective Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Updated on August 22, 2016

Winter weather often brings dry and itchy skin, and indoor heating certainly doesn’t help. The gelid, dry air always cracks the skin’s outer protective layer, which makes it increasingly difficult for the skin to repair itself properly. In order to prevent this unfortunate cycle before it begins, it is important to embrace some basic precautionary measures. Here are five tips to keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

1. Apply Moisturizer

The most obvious step you can take is to apply moisturizer. However, the moisturizer that you apply to your hands may not be ideal for use on your face. Your skincare routine should change with the seasons, and that includes finding a winter moisturizer that works for you. Experts recommend using an oil-based ointment moisturizer, as the oil forms a moisture-retaining protective layer that is perfect for warding off Jack Frost’s incessant nipping. Make sure you seek out moisturizers with oils that won’t clog the skin, like avocado oil, mineral oil, almond oil or primrose oil.

2. Get a Humidifier

It may not be the most exciting holiday tradition, but turning on a humidifier when you turn on the heat can effectively counteract the dry air so commonly caused by indoor heating units. If you regularly wake up with a dry or sore throat, cracked skin, itchy eyes or sinus issues, it may be due to the lack of moisture in the air. The humidifier simply replenishes the moisture in the air by expelling water vapor. For even better results, consider investing in a few humidifiers and spreading them throughout the house.

3. Seek Out a Homeopathic Remedy

Plenty of people prefer not to apply chemicals to their skin, favoring natural remedies whenever possible. If you find the right homeopathic skin care kit, you can enjoy soft and smooth skin, as well as the peace of mind that comes with taking the natural route. Of course, like any skincare product, it’s crucial that you do some research to find the right options for your skin. Look into reputable homeopathic skincare products like the kits sold at Dr. Dale’s Wellness Center, and take some time to learn about the ingredients and why they are beneficial.

4. Apply Sunscreen

Most people associate sunscreen with trips to the beach and hot summer days, but the reality is that the sun’s UV rays can damage the skin all year round. When you also factor in the reflective glare caused by the snow, it’s a wonder sunscreen isn’t part of everyone’s winter skincare plan. Try to remember to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and hands approximately half an hour before you go outside, and reapply it occasionally if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period of time.

5. Talk to a Specialist

What works for one person is not always ideal for another. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money trying cream after cream, have a medical professional analyze your skin and your current skincare plan. A professional can recommend specific products that will be effective for your individual needs, as well as helpful lifestyle changes. This is especially important if you have any skin conditions that are aggravated by the winter – eczema, for example. One visit to an aesthetician or dermatologist can put you on the right track for many winters to come, so look at it as an investment in your future.


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