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Tips for Relaxing Caucasian Hair

Updated on April 15, 2011

Do you have curly hair? If so, don't you hate how long it takes you to style it? Isn't it horrendous how many hundreds of dollars you have to spend on hair products? Don't you just wish you could wake up in the morning and look just fine to go out? Wouldn't it be nice to have straight hair? 

These types of questions were going through my head when I, with the help of my African American friend, decided to relax my hair using 'Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Built-In No Lye Relaxer System'. It had organic in the title. It had olive oil. And it had no-lye - sounds great doesn't it? Now I am white, and I have fairly thick, curly hair. Who knew that using a relaxant on my hair would turn into the worst disaster of my life? Let me note that there is no place on the box or in the directions which states "not for the use of caucasians". 

So I'll give you a few tips if you would like to relax your hair anyway.

  1. Buy some placenta leave in conditioner.
  2. Buy several deep conditioners.
  3. Prepare yourself for a somewhat painful and annoying process.
  4. During treatment, if your scalp begins to feel like it has caught fire and your skin is deteriorating, wash out immediately. This is not a joke.
  5. When you're washing the relaxer out, don't be alarmed to see chunks of your hair fall out. This is all completely normal.
  6. a. Find a hair dryer. b. If no hair dryer is available, prepare for dreads. 
  7. Find a friend who is willing to devote hours of their time combing your hair. You will not be able to do it yourself.
  8. Your hair will now have a dry, dead, wig-like texture. But it will be straight. Congratulations! You no longer have curly hair. But you do have to spend an hour minimum getting your hair to look normal.
  9. Make sure you use your various conditioners every time you wash your hair. Which won't be often, because you will not feel like washing your hair and having to repeat the horrible styling process.
  10. The last and final tip: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT RELAX YOUR HAIR.
If you do choose to relax your hair, you'll be in for an experience. You can say that you managed to kill your hair in 30 minutes... you can say that you've unwillingly had your hair dreaded... You can begin to wish your hair was curly again. And you can spend the next several months of your life wishing you had never experimented on your hair again. I did it; maybe you should, too!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Lol I just relaxed my hair (im caucasion) and so far no bad experiences, but I literally JUST relaxed it. I have the conditioner that my kit came with for afterwards ( i used just for me childrens hair relaxer because i thought it would be gentle) Im really scared now of what will happen hehehhe but its just hair :)

    • profile image

      Hair guru 

      6 years ago

      Lol that's why they have keratin treatments and special flat irons for that! I'm a multi cultural stylist and I know all types of hair. Stick to the pros!


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