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Tips for Selecting the Spa Treatments Right for You

Updated on June 13, 2014

First of All

There are a wide array of different spa treatments available that many people are completely unaware of. These treatments can treat issues such as insomnia, headaches, back pain and allergies; however, the majority of people visit the spa for relaxation.

If you want to ensure you get the right treatments for your needs, use the tips here.

Determine Why You are Visiting the Spa

When you know what you want to achieve from your spa treatment, you will be able to select the perfect session. For example, are you needing a treatment for stress? Or to help you feel more energized? There are a number of people that visit the spa to achieve clearer skin. It is important to determine what you want so you can select the proper spa treatments to achieve your goal.

Talk to Your Spa Therapist

Once you have discovered what your goals are for your spa treatment, you need to communicate this to your spa therapist. It is also useful to communicate any type of discomfort that you may experience or any problem areas that may need special attention. During this chat you should also mention the amount of pressure the individual should apply during the massage. The majority of Swedish Massages are light; however, if you want a deep tissue massage you need to be sure that you communicate the amount of pressure that you want with your therapist.

Know what is going to Happen

Some of the top treatments you can expect to see offered during your visit to the spa include:

  • Massages: From the deep tissue to the Swedish massage, you can find any type of massage you desire. There are also a number of spa’s that offer their very own signature massage.
  • Hot stone treatment: Hot stones are used for acupressure and massage and have become a must for virtually any spa menu around the world.
  • Facials: There are a number of facial treatments available, from massage and cleansers all the way to Botox.
  • Body wraps: These include herbal remedies including seaweed, mud or clay. The idea behind the body wrap is to cleanse the skin and reduce the person’s weight.
  • Glows and salt scrubs: These are treatments that are used for the deeper exfoliation of any dead or dried skin cells. It is typically done by brushing salts onto the body and then having it massaged into the skin.

Research Spa Options

This step will take the most time and effort. Additionally, there is no perfect formula that will help you to do this. The majority of spas and wellness clinics as well as resort spas offer a number of options, which will satisfy even the most picky spa goer.

When you are ready to visit the spa, picking the right treatment will help you to achieve the goals that you have for the treatments that you pay for.


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