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Tips for Taking Care of Your Precious Hair

Updated on October 17, 2011
You don't wanna lose your original hair and use wig, do you? Then try these hair care tips, they're easy to do and you can do them at home.
You don't wanna lose your original hair and use wig, do you? Then try these hair care tips, they're easy to do and you can do them at home.

Having long hair is often the dream of many people, especially women. However, this does not necessarily mean that men have a tendency to ignore their hair. As a matter of fact, men also consider their hair to be of utmost importance. It affects their appearance. Their hair style determines whether they look good or bad to other people with women being the men’s concern most of the time. Fortunately, there are things that both men and women can do in order to make sure their hair keeps on growing instead of breaking off.

Hair Tips No. 1

As a matter of fact, it is never fine to brush the hair when it is in a wet condition. Doing this will cause the hair to stretch and brittle. Unfortunately, there are not few people out there who are not really aware of this fact. As a result, they often have to face damages to their hair.

Hair Tips no. 2

When it comes to combing out snarls, people should try to be more patient. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time as people tend to get impatient. Yet, what they are really supposed to do is simply to use their fingers wisely. With fingers, they can break loose the tough ones.

Hair Tips No. 3

The hair scalp needs to be shampooed well while the end needs only light shampooing. The reason for this is because the ends dry quite fast while the scalp tends to receive more oil from the body.

Hair Tips No. 4

Do not shampoo the hair too often. Instead, using shampoo on the hair just 3 to 4 weeks within a month is often more than enough. This way, the natural oil that the hair receives from the body will not be stripped too easily.

Hair Tips No. 5

It is not recommended at all that people shampoo their hair roughly. They should instead spread down the shampoo gently all the way going down the length of their precious hair. Tangling and massaging the hair are not recommended at all, either.

Hair Tips No. 6

Keep in mind that brushing is one of the main causes for hair breakage. Therefore, it is necessary and worthy to spend a little more money in order to get a boar bristle brush with a high quality. Also, don’t over-brush.

Hair Tips No. 7

Use conditioners on the hair ends quite often. Also, use cool water to rinse them thoroughly. Also, if you want to get the most out of this process, wait for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing your hair.


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      Loi-Renee 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for the insightful hub RichBest.