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Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring

Updated on September 14, 2012

There is plenty of advice floating around the Internet about how to buy an engagement ring. If you don't want to take my word for it just head to Google or Bing and type in "how to buy an engagement ring". You will receive hundreds of results from how to select the perfect diamond to what precious metal the ring is made out of. But what you really want to know is how to go about getting her a ring that she will like. Here are a few tips on how to buy the engagement ring of her dreams.

1) Timing is Everything

When do you hope to propose? Popular options are major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, when friends and family are there to share in your joy, or you could begin the new year with a New Year's Eve/Day proposal. Some guys wish to ask her on a day of the year that is meaningful to both of you or just have it be spontaneous.

2) Take Out Your Wallet

Unfortunately, most things in this world are not free. An engagement ring is one of them - unless you ask your grandmother or mom for hers! The old rule was two to three months of your salary. Now it is more like a month to month and a half. It really is based off of how much you are willing to spend to show the girl of your dreams you love her.

3) Do Your Homework

Most likely she has dropped hints throughout your dating life. Does she like a round diamond or a princess cut (square) diamond? What color metal? Should it be a solitaire or one with side stones? The answer to many of these questions can stem from searching in her jewelry box and closet. If she is more traditional in dress (not flashy colors or outrageous designs), she will probably lean more towards the classic round brilliant diamond. If she has large rings and earrings that have lots of diamonds or "bling" to them, you are probably safe going with an engagement ring that has accent diamonds - such as a halo setting.

4) Ask Her Friends

Her best friend might know her better than you even do, so why not ask her opinion. Chances are your girlfriend has shared what her perfect engagement ring will resemble: style, metal type, shape of stone, etc. Use this knowledge to make her dreams come true.

5) Diamonds

The focus of the ring is the center diamond. It is important that you do your research to buy the right one. Basic overview: the diamond's cut is vital as this is what makes the stone sparkle; go for Very Good or higher. Next, the color of the diamond should not be below an H or it will start to have a yellow tint to it. Then comes the diamond's clarity. Staying at or above SI1 (slightly included) is key as this means the stone is eye clean where you can't see inclusions with the naked eye. Finally, you have to choose carat size. Buying a little shy or bigger than an even half or whole carat can save you money, so keep that in mind (example: 1.01 ct. might be more economical than a 1.00 ct.).

Now you know how to buy the perfect engagement ring. Most girls are just happy that they get to spend the rest of their lives with you and the ring is secondary. However, be sure to put some effort into getting her the ring of her dreams ... she'll thank you for it!

Video Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring


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