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Tips to Decorating Flower Vases.

Updated on July 28, 2017

Flowers are always a beauty to behold. They can turn even the most contemporary of spaces into an artistic aboard that every one wishes to spend time in.

However, nicely designed vases attract a huge price tag. This makes the idea of designing own vases a tenable idea. Most of those who try end up destroying a chance of creating an inviting aura by using everyday vases that are dull, boring and evening demeaning. In this, we talk more on how to design your vases to items of beauty. Read on.

Tips to Design Great Vases

1. Base your design on leading designs.

Design such as glitter sparkle mosaic ranks as among the most popular vase designs that you can base your work on.

You are always at liberty to make use of materials that are easily available in the locality so as to minimize on cost and create a tinge of creativity in your works.

2. Emboss Patterns on Masking tape.

Using masks of different colors can help create a compelling design if they are arranged in a seamless way. The one advantage of using masks is that you don't need to create a complicated design to make it awesome. For instance, you can wound the masking tape around a simple vase and have a great flower holder.

3. Add a tinge of modernity.

4. Make use of clay

5. Make use of ribbons

6. Make use of vintage paints


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