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Tips to follow before buying jewelry online

Updated on March 16, 2016

These days, no one really cares to step out and shop for their clothes and accessories, because e-commerce websites are booming and making it easier for everyone to shop and choose their favorite stuff without any hassle. Whether it is your clothes or jewelry, you can easily compare and purchase anything you want to online, and it'll be delivered at your doorsteps on time (sometimes before time). But before you start becoming an 'online' shopaholic, you need to know certain things, so that, you don't shop the wrong stuff or shop from an inaccurate site, especially in the case of jewelries. If you are purchasing precious jewelries online, then make sure you be very careful so that you don't get cheated.

Do you know the things to do before buying Indian jewelry online? If no, then here are two major tips that you can follow and buy fashion jewelry online:


Don't fall into the trap of a fraudulent website

There are lakhs of websites that sell precious and semi-precious jewelries; but it's you, who has to find out one website which is authentic and will never disappoint you in the case of the quality of the jewelry. An authentic website would have the following aspects such as:

  • Availability of 'customer support' option that would help the people to connect to the executives who work for the website and is always happy to help.
  • They must have a 'return policy' that can help the customers to return the jewelry if it is damaged or isn't like how it is mentioned in the site.
  • They must mention their shipping methods and must give the customers tracking id.
  • Has COD (Cash on delivery option) because that's the safest way to pay for your stuff. And if they don't support COD then they have to ensure that their Credit or Debit Card payment system is safe enough.


Check the hallmark certification if you are purchasing a jewelry (precious jewelry)

Whenever you are buying jewelries made of precious metal and stones, especially gold, don't forget to ask them for the hallmark certification. In India, BIS (The Bureau Of Indian Standard) have set up many gold testing centers, which can check the quality of the gold thoroughly. So you can take the jewelry to a testing center as soon as you receive it. Apart from BIS, you must also check jeweler's mark, purity code, testing center's mark, and not to forget, the year of marking.


Check the size of the jewelry

If you are shopping jewelries from an online website, be sure of the size, especially in the case of bangles, or else you might receive a wrong sized jewelry and be very disappointed. Another reason for which you need to check the size is that, you cannot visit them to exchange bangle or any other item that's of the wrong size.


These were some of the tips that one must follow before purchasing precious and semi-precious jewelries online. Hope you won't find it difficult to buy jewelries online anymore? Purchasing jewelries online isn't unsafe at all if you take some precautions, and follow the "three golden tips" given above.


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