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Tips to handle oily skin

Updated on October 3, 2012

It is very important that you take good care of you skin to remove oiliness and make your skin clear and glowing.

My daughter has oily skin and she is prone to pimples and acne. So she takes extra care to maintain her skin. When the sebaceous glands are overactive, your pores tend to get clogged and there are frequent breakouts. You should be consistent in care for your skin and you should always look for products which are meant for oily skin. Do not be negligent in selecting the products you are going to use, as oily skin is very sensitive and when you do not take proper care it can make your skin worse.

Acne and pimples leave marks and it can be terrible when you see your face in the mirror. So you should take regular care to maintain your skin. Do not forget to wash your face as soon as you return from work. Select a face wash which is especially for oily skin. Wash your face at least three times a day and do not overdo it in your over enthusiasm as even oily skin needs a little moisture.

Regular exfoliating your skin is very important to remove the dead cells and to give your skin a glow. I strongly recommend baking soda as it removes excess oiliness and dead cells and adds glow to your face. Rice flour is also an excellent natural scrub. Do not be harsh in your movements when you scrub your face as it will aggravate your pimples and acne. You should be gentle in your movements and one most important thing. You should not scrub your face when your acne or pimples are fresh and livid as it will make things worse.

Multani mitti is very good to remove oil from your skin. Take the juice of one lime and add Multani mitti and apply in your face. Wash after twenty minutes. Do it regularly to get good results. You should not apply too much of oil in your hair as it tends to make your face oilier. Change your pillow covers daily as it hordes bacteria which tends to bring out pimples in your face. I change my daughter's pillow covers daily.

Do not eat too much of oil rich foods and bakery items. You should drink lots of water and fresh juices. Junk foods should be avoided as they are very rich in fat and very low in nutrients. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. When your intake of food is nutritious and healthy your skin reflects it. Do not pick or handle pimples or acne as it tends to make it worse.

You might keep on getting fresh break outs even when you take regular care and you do not feel inclined to follow the regimen regularly. It is regular caring that it going take care of your oily skin. One word of caution though.

When my daughter had severe acne problems I went to a famous beauty parlor for treatment and that is the greatest mistake I did. They did not have the basic knowledge to care for oily skin and they scrubbed my daughter’s face when her acne was active. The next day she had redness and further breakouts. It was the last day I went to that parlor.

You should select a good parlor and have a frank discussion with them before you allow them to touch your face. There is lots of information available in the internet and you can browse and see how you can handle your oily skin. One great advantage of oily skin is that you are not prone to wrinkles as dry skin. Follow a regular skin care regimen, eat healthy, avoid stress and last but not the least, do not lose hope when you do not see immediate results. Keep going and might be one day you too can have a glowing and clear skin.


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    • Carolhardin profile image

      Jenny Williams 5 years ago

      Thanks @dwachira :)

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I will try exfoliating skin with baking soda, i have never tried it before but sounds like a better option. Thanks, voted up and useful.

    • Carolhardin profile image

      Jenny Williams 5 years ago

      keep an eye on your diet,wipe your face every 15-20 minutes to avoid oil to gather on your skin. Use skin care products according to your skin type.