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Basic Tips to Overcome Acne Problems

Updated on November 6, 2019

Ever since my teenage years, I have been constantly looking at the mirror wondering why does my skin look so bumpy. I have become conscious of how I look and how people see me. There are times when I cry after looking at my face in bright daylight, for not having a model-like glowing skin. I get so petrified with my self. I spend most of my time online, searching remedies for curing acne on my face. The condition has made me so anxious that I have started using every single product that claims to be a best seller. However, a lot of research has made me realize to not blindly trust any remedy without completely knowing your skin requirements.
So based on my experience, here are some tips on how you should be taking care of your skin if you have an acne problem.
1. Always wash your face gently
The first and foremost thing is to wash your face gently with a mild soap. If you have sensitive skin, you might not use any harsh soap or a face wash that can damage your skin cells. I recommend using a soap that is purely made out of Neem since it has an anti-bacterial tendency that works against acne-causing bacteria and lightening acne scars.
2. Use Rosewater as a toner
I recommend using rose water as a toner after you wash your face. Not only does it gives a glow to dull skin, but it can also help soothe redness. Moreover, it can get rid of excess oil on your face that is considered one of the causes of acne.
3. Apply Aloe Vera as a moisturizer
There is a certain type of acne that can cause itchiness which turns out quite painful at times. Using Aloe Vera can help soothe such problems. And I believe natural products can help heal your skin 10 times faster than any artificial product It can work for any type of skin. Simply leave a thick layer on for 30 minutes and remove the excess with water afterward. However, you should not exceed the time as it can make your skin a bit stretchy.
4. Always let your skin breathe
You should always keep gaps in between applying the products that you are using for your skin. For instance, what most of us do is apply heavy loads of products daily on our face that leaves no room for the pores to relax. This routine may cause damage to your skin permanently.
5. Always keep a clean pillowcase before going to bed
The majority of us ignore the fact that most of our acne is formed due to dirt on our pillowcases. When you do not regularly change them, excess of oil and dirt from your hair and the environment can transfer back to your skin, clogging pores. This can be prevented by replacing your pillowcases every two days with clean ones.
6. Always keep your hair clean
You should always keep your hair clean by washing them thoroughly with a mild shampoo. However, not doing so frequently can increase the risk of irritated pores. Moreover, never let the water run down from the scalp to your face since excess oil is formed in the hair follicles that when it gets in contact with your skin can block pores.
7. Avoid using an excess of makeup
Avoid applying heavy coats of foundation or concealer when you are not really in need of it. Foundations may cause your pores to clog with excess oil from the product getting into your skin. However, certain makeup brands claim to have acne free products, but I would not want you to jump onto those. The game might get a little risky.
8. Avoid waxing your face
Most of us suffer from having unwanted hair on our face, which can be a little disturbing. But if you suffer from breakouts more often, then waxing your face is not a healthy option. Not only does it cause acne but it can often result in Hyperpigmentation. It is best guided to avoid getting your face in contact with any kind of waxing material.
I suppose having acne is not a bigger problem than how you deal with it. Using less yet natural products can help you heal more rapidly than applying tonnes of chemicals onto your skin. Having said that, you should always keep your routine less complicated.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Rukkaiya Dastgir


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    • Asad Dillz profile image

      Asad Dillz Khan 

      17 months ago from United Kingdom

      You're Welcome.

    • Rukkaiya Dastgir profile imageAUTHOR

      Rukkaiya Dastgir 

      17 months ago from Islamabad

      Thanks Iqra and Asad for visiting my Hub.

    • Rukkaiya Dastgir profile imageAUTHOR

      Rukkaiya Dastgir 

      17 months ago from Islamabad

      Thanks Dora for enlightening me with your comment. I really appreciate it.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      17 months ago from The Caribbean

      Welcome to HubPages. Thanks for making these helpful suggestions about overcoming acne, based on your experience. This is a good first article. Hope that you will continue writing and improving.

      Suggestion: Click on the Help button at the to right on your screen. It takes you to "HubPages Contact Us for Help". Find the Learning Center (second red link) and learn how to use the text capsules and how to post pictures. It will help you creative an attractive look for your articles. Best to you going forward.

    • Iqra431 profile image


      17 months ago from Pakistan

      well this is really an interesting and helpful article that we all must know ....

      thanks for sharing

    • Asad Dillz profile image

      Asad Dillz Khan 

      17 months ago from United Kingdom

      Very well Research and well written article Rukkaiya... this hub will be good and helpful for many people. Great Job!


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