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Tissot T870/970

Updated on September 19, 2015

Tissot Watch

I have been using Tissot watch since 2004. This is a nice watch because it is thin and light on my wrist. As a traveler, I need a wrist watch to indicate time accurately whenever I am at an airport, in a jungle or in the water snorkeling over beautiful tropical coral reef. Although I know that my Tissot T870/ 970 might not be suitable for adventure outdoor activities, I still use it where ever I go. Because it is light, I like to wear it. It still works when I am soaked in the salt water or covered with mud while hiking through the tropical rainforest. Please, read my travel report in my blog Rainforest Tour. This wrist watch will always be there telling me the exact time. Besides using this Tissot, sometimes on certain occasions I wear Nexxen Watch which was also made by Swiss watchmaker. Recently I have just written an article about Montblanc watch. It is an interesting story. I recommend that you read it before buying one for yourself.

Tissot 1853

Two phrases have been printed on the front side of the watch"Tissot 1853" and "Swiss Made." The manufacturer of T870/970 wants to tell the user of the wrist watch that it has a long tradition in watch making. Tissot as a watchmaker company was founded by Charles Felicien Tissot and his son Charles Emile Tissot in a Swiss city Le Locle. That's a little bit of the history that I read from Wikipedia. From that city, now the watchmaker is a member of SWATCH Group and has opened shops in more than 150 countries. This is really a spectacular achievement. Switzerland as the base of the company has been famous for their watches due to high quality watch making tools and watch making supplies which they have. From this little European country, high quality clocks and watches have been produced by Rolex, Ebel, Rado, Swatch and many other watch makers. They sell their timepiece products throughout the world. Although mass produced cheap watches are now being sold by China, and Indonesia, watch wearers know that if they want luxury watches, the Swiss Made watches are highly recommended.

Tissot Wrist Watch

My wrist watch
My wrist watch

Water resistant watch

The reason I still use the Tissot T870/970 is because of its water resistant property. It can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters. So, I don't need to be afraid anytime I go to the beach or to a tropical island. I live in Manokwari city - a small town in the north coast of New Guinea island. It is the largest tropical island in the world. Because the humidity is relatively high in the tropical region, a high quality water resistant watch such as Tissot T870/970 is suitable for me. This time piece is gold plated. However, after long immersion in the sea water during my snorkeling trip, I have to rinse my watch with fresh water and dry it with a cotton cloth. I don't use soapy water when cleaning it.

Sapphire Crystal

At the back side to my Tissot T870/970, there is a phrase "sapphire crystal" inscribed on its stainless steel metal base. At first, I don't know what it means. When I made a little searh on the internet about it, I found that sapphire is precious gem. It means this watch has been specially manufactured using expensive crystal to guarantee that quality of the time piece is high and can be used in various formal occasion. I know that classic watch is often considered a jewelry. The gemstone that is used in this watch made it expensive for people in developing country such as Indonesia. Sapphire crystal is not only used in watch making industry. Metaphysically it is believed to have healing power. In an article written by Brenna Coleman, it says that natural sapphire cystal gemstone imparts its wisdom and attracts positive desires to the wearer. The stone has been highly valued by people around the world for the effects of its enery vibrations for centuries. Wow, I was really surprised when reading such statement. No wonder if proffesionals and executives from big companies prefer to wear sapphire crystal watch. The wrist watches which they buy must have this kind of material. But I don't know if the "sapphire crystal" in my Tissot T870/970 is natural or man made.

Tissot Watch for Women

Well, the type of Tissot watch that I have just mentioned above is for men. How about if you are looking for a sapphire crystal watch for women. I believe that Tissot as a world class brand for high quality watches has a wide range of products that are suitable for your wrist. One that I can recommend is the Tissot T825/925. It will fit around your wrist whenever you go to a family party or even to a formal state ceremony.

Tissot Watch Battery

I have mentioned on the above paragraph that I live in a small town. I have to admit that it is not easy to find a shop for Tissot watch battery replacement. One day, I went to a store in the downtown to ask the staff of the shop whether she could replace the battery for my T870/970 which had been exhausted. When she examined the watch she said that she could not do the battery replacement because she does not have the original Tissot battery for it. She was afraid to use other brands for my already exhausted battery because it could damage the watch. Well, that's my biggest problem. I have to fly to Surabaya or Jakarta (two big cities in Indonesia) to have my Tissot watch battery replaced. The cost of airplane tickets is around 500 US dollars, too much for the replacement of a 5 US dollar watch battery.

Where you can buy Tissot Watch

Tissot is the brand name of high quality watches. It is also a famous company that often sponsor a number of international sports events. You can find a wide range of Tissot watches in a lot of watch shops around the world. Perhaps there is one in your city. Make sure that the wrist watch that you plan to buy is an original one. Don't buy counterfeit watch! In general, Tissot watches are cheaper than Rolex ones but their quality is excellent.

I don't know the current price of Tissot 870/970. You had better check how much it is at officially appointed shops that sell Tissot watches. They have a wide range of products for you to choose according to your own needs. Go to the official website of Tissot to see its latest collections and where you can buy them.


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