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Titanium Belly Button Rings

Updated on March 17, 2011

Titanium belly button rings are popular with body jewelry enthusiasts, especially those who tend to suffer from allergies. Navel piercing (along with other forms of body piercing) used to be something of a fringe interest, but today it's a pretty mainstream practice, especially among younger women, and there's a huge variety of belly button jewelry to choose from. This article takes a look at the belly button piercing phenomenon, why titanium body jewelry is an especially good choice, the different types of titanium navel jewelry available, and where you can buy it.

About Navel Piercing

Belly button piercing is very popular these days. It basically involves piercing through the skin on the upper rim of the navel – not through the belly button itself, and immediately inserting a piece of 'starter' jewelry (along with stainless steel, titanium is often used for new piercings, as it's less likely to cause an infection or bad reaction than other materials). After the area has healed, various types of body jewellery can be worn in the navel, although belly button bars are the most common. Healing times vary between individual, but most people with navel piercings take about 6 months to a year to heal completely. Care must be taken not to aggravate the area during the healing process.

Why Choose Titanium Navel Rings?

Titanium jewelry is often used for navel piercings partly due to its attractive appearance, but there are many advantages to choosing a titanium belly button ring. One is that titanium, which has a dark gray color in its natural state, can be anodized to produce a variety of stunning metallic colors, making it extremely versatile. Although titanium is more expensive than some of the cheaper options, it's still affordable for most, and it is lightweight too, weighing in at just 60% of an equivalent volume of stainless steel. Perhaps most importantly for an area that is especially prone to infection or irritation, titanium belly jewelry is less likely than most to cause allergic reactions. It is almost free of nickel (a very common cause of jewelry allergies), can be sterilized using an autoclave, and is resistant to corrosion and unlikely to react adversely when in contact with body fluids.

Titanium Navel Piercing Styles

Titanium navel 'rings' may or may not take the form of a full ring. When buying body jewelry on the internet, you'll notice that many if not most retailers use the term belly button 'ring' to refer to the popular curved barbell style of navel jewelry. These  can be plain and simple in form, or may be decorated with gemstones, Swarovski crystals and/or dangling ornaments of various kinds, such as stars, butterflies, gemstones, flowers, skulls, zodiac symbols, animals, logos and more. You can also get 'twists', as well circular rings, some of which may have a bead attached (these are known as captive bead rings, or CBR), and there is a newer style of full belly button ring available that has a clasp to hold it closed. Most starter rings are in simple bar form, but once your initial piercing has healed, you'll have a wider choice of titanium ring and bar navel jewelry to choose from. Plain titanium is a slightly dull silver color in appearance, which is very appealing in a minimalist way, but one of the great advantages of titanium body jewelry is that it can be colored, and you can choose from a huge range of single color or rainbow hued rings and bars.

Where To Buy Titanium Belly Button Rings

You can buy titanium navel bars, rings and other jewelry from piercing parlors as well as many jewelers. You can also buy online, and it is on the internet that you can find the widest selection and often the best prices too.


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