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To Be a Fashion Designer

Updated on September 13, 2012

I was studying fashion and textile in university. I am not an expert and just want to share some of my thoughts:)

Passion in fashion

Passion in fashion is vital for a fashion designer which is the fuel of creation. It is more likely to be accepted in a fashion design course or job application if one has it. With it, working in the field becomes enjoyable activities instead of boring job. We seems seldom find a successful fashion designer without passion. We may further ignite our passion in fashion by reading fashion magazines, seeing the gorgeous runway snapshots or walking through fashion stores.

Fashion Education

There are self-taught fashion designers but probably more who had fashion design training. Each side has its advantages. Formal training in fashion design provides us the professional and up-to-date knowledge. We will receive the kind of assistance and valuable opinions which cannot be gotten by ourselves. We can gain actual design experiences through classes and training. Also, many employers require the possession of certificate, diploma or degree in fashion of the applicants. However, the self-taught path provides us freedom and flexibility.

Design Practices/Portfolio

Having time with fashion surely benefits us to become a designer. Apart from reading fashion news and walking through fashion stores, it is good to practice our design skills daily. We can doodle around, draw figures, make collages and even play around with a cloth on the dummy (if we have one). These activities keep our vitality and creativity. Drawing one small part a day can form a great portfolio of works after days. Portfolio building is crucial in entering some fashion schools and finding a job. It is also good to our personal development.

Career in Fashion

There are many challenging job positions in the fashion field. Fashion designer is surely a highly-desired one. In spite of it, fashion buyer, merchandiser, visual merchandiser, fashion illustrator, fashion photographer and stylist etc. are other examples. As many fancy the glamorous of fashion career, we also know not to overlook the hard work behind.

Fashion Business

Many of us included me, dream of having our own fashion brand. Apart from honing the design skills and let the creativity flows, we may better get some knowledge in running business. Because most of us start the business from wearing different hats at the same time.

Be positive and stay on track! We will reach our dream!

Thank You!

This is my second article. Sorry for my poor English and maybe not-good-enough views. Please kindly advise me if I got something wrong /V\.I hope I can improve through time!


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