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To Permanently Scar or NOT to Scar; That Is The Question!

Updated on February 9, 2013

If I Were To Get One...

Isn't She Gorgeous?
Isn't She Gorgeous?


I am a total wimp with pain, I have no idea how I got my ears pierced! Both my two adults in training have tats and even Hubby. However, I would hope I would NOT be one of those sixty year olds who gets a tattoo for her birthday...on the other hand... I have a picture that I have loved for a couple of years and I have copied her without any guilty feelings from the first moment I saw her. Yes, I said copy; I am a copycat. I am not an artist, but if I see something in a flat one-dimensional picture or photo then I can copy it. Put it into three dimensional or a real item, landscape, sculpture, figure and forget it, my left sided brain says, “What is this?” it has been like this all my life. Now my sister, Mary, is the exact opposite, she can’t copy worth spit J but oh my goodness the gorgeous artwork that comes out of her head through her fingers! She is an artist. On the other hand, she has the first copy of my favorite tree and she loves it!

My current medium of choice is fire; rather apropos don’t you agree for this article? I have been playing with pyrography since 1999. My sister and I were having a sister’s day and we went into what used to be Jackie O’Neal’s Dance Studio and is now a co-op art gallery. That August sister’s day Mary and I discovered painted gourds for the first time! I was immediately hooked and had to have a gourd or preferably a hundred right that minute! Now we know the time to buy gourds is in the spring and they are the previous year’s harvest. But we were n a MISSION! And there was one farmers market on Co Rd 118 and he still had two big sire bins full of gourds! A dollar apiece! We were in gourd heaven!

I should have done like Mary did; she waited, she cleaned each one, she looked at each one, she held them all, she let them “speak” to her. Oh well…I flew through my stash of gourds in less than a month! I painted, I cut, I scraped, I drew on them, I made a birdfeeder, and I made a child’s piggy bank with a real lock and key. They were terrible. My Hubby still has my bank and the first one I painted but you know what? He loves me. Trust me, they were BAD! That is when I finally began the gourd research project and it was totally worth it. Then I switched from paints to fire and I was in dragon heaven.

Dragons and I are old friends. I have been copying drawing coloring, trying to sculpt them since I was a teenager. They adapt perfectly to gourds and they of course never complain at the 900 Degree Fahrenheit temperature it takes to bring them to life whether it is on a gourd, a box, a piece of antler or even a piece of paper! Yes, you can do pyrography on paper! If something yells, “copy me!” I cannot restrain my plagiaristic impulses. There, I have admitted it. Good thing I am not going to go commercial with my stuff in the near future, eh?

That is only partially correct. There are many fantastic books with copyright free designs that I have copied. The only time I have had to result to a stencil was when I was trying to learn the Celtic Knotwork. It was nice but too perfect so now I copy again and so what if it isn’t perfect? I like it J

Get To The Point!


Geez OK! Where was I? Oh yes, the beautiful ballet dancer tree…one site said they think it is in China, I really don’t know nor care, she is beautiful and I can copy her from left or from the right side! The first time I had to prop the picture up in front of the mirror and copy off the reflection but now she is becoming like a dragon to me, she is never the same, she is always the ballet dancer tree.

If I were ever to get to the point where I was no longer able to draw, sketch, color, or burn anything anymore and if I could get a tattoo artist that gave nitrous like my dentistJ perhaps I would contemplate this as a permanent piece of art on my body.

Maybe. That would have to be a huge maybe. I do not do pain. I am a total baby. Ask my beloved, he will tell you! He has babied me through every little thing that has ever happened!
The one thing that still stops my burning of my body…I beg your pardon? You are saying that tattooing and burning are two separate things? Burning is branding? Tattooing is a totally different thing? Wait; let me ask the experts…

Sorry, I stand corrected.  So, there is this electric needle with a hollow tube like a turkey quill. The Tattooist dips the tip of the needle in the ink, starts the electricity, which makes the needle go up and down very fast like a sewing machine needle but only as far as into your dermis. So a tattoo is to skin as my Brother Sewing Machine is to my quilt? Baby Girl sighs as if she is trying to get a simple idea across to an alien…I heard that!

Ha-ha OK I agree this is not a how to or what not to do and it isn’t even about what nurse kratchet would say if you were going to get a tattoo.  It IS about what I would, perhaps, choose to have as a tattoo, maybe, one day, if I could not put anything out on any other medium than my skin.

Tell me though, you guys, can any tattoo artist top what the Higher Power has created?

There, the real point of this week’s hubmob, delivered sneakily and without any lectures!!

Don’t you love it?




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    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 8 years ago from Tucson, Az

      oh thank yu ethel :) that means so much to me!!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Yes I do love it lol. The tree is awesome and your hub perfect

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 8 years ago from Tucson, Az

      thank you Amanda :) me too, plus the funny waddle thing under my chin...where the {expletive} did that come from?

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      The tree is beautiful! Nature is a wonderful thing, as is your own rendition of it. And I concur with you. Others can embellish their skin if they wish, but I'm staying as nature intended. Wrinkles and freckles are my main decorations these days!