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To Wear or Not to Wear a Bra: A Look at Why Some Women Go Bra-free

Updated on February 3, 2012

Have you ever seen a woman outside her home not wearing a bra? What could be the first thing that comes to your mind? Would you think that she is trying to seduce men? If you are another woman, would you be so shallow as to think she is trying to get your man? Would you be threatened?

In our society, majority of women wear bras. Women who do not wear bras usually have their own reasons and their reasons are mostly health related. For the majority of us, we wear bras because it is a must in our society. If we do not conform to society, we usually draw attention toward us.

Women who do not wear bras may suffer from being sexually harassed and even be assumed of being promiscuous. They usually attract unnecessary and unwanted rumors.

Wearing a bra has become a necessity for women. It has become a part of our clothing necessities. For some women though, they may be wearing them only because it is generally what is accepted in our society.

There are women who do not wear bras and they have their reasons. Some may be following a fashion trend but most women are really in it for health reasons. Wearing a bra can cause cancer according to studies that have been conducted concerning it. Many studies show that women who wear a bra 24 hours a day are more prone to breast cancer. And women who wear their bras in less than 12 hours a day have healthier breasts. Furthermore, in primitive societies where women do not wear bras, breast cancer is virtually zero.

For some women, wearing a bra can be very painful. Some women experience pain around their breasts and some can even experience bruising. Women who love to wear tight and wired bras are especially prone to this condition. So far, there is still no known medication that can take away breast pains due to wearing a bra. Women who have to go through this kind of condition usually suffer in silence. Studies have shown that women who eventually give up their bras minimize the pain they feel in their breasts. Some women have to give up their bras to rid themselves of the pain they have to go through.

Studies have shown that a woman’s breasts get warmer under a bra. It gets even warmer if the bra being worn has a thick padding. Heat around the breasts can prevent the normal flow of lymph nodes. When the normal flow of lymph nodes is being hindered, they can develop into cysts, lymphatic disease or even cancer.

However, because of what we are used to, most women are not comfortable being bra-free. The main reason is that our society just does not accept this practice and that most of us could even attract sexual harassment and abuse from most people. Most people do not understand that there are health benefits in taking off those bras.

The bottom-line is, wearing a bra has not just evolved into a clothing necessity, it has become an important undergarment for us. It’s really up to us if we are going to use it to our advantage. For women who need to go braless due to breast pains and health reasons, they really don’t have much of a choice. But for the rest of us, wearing a bra is an accepted norm. Most women who embrace the use of it can make it more of an advantage rather than a disadvantage. A bra can actually be used to enhance a woman’s body shape and therefore can help improve a woman’s appearance.

* This article was first published in Beyond Jane on January 31, 2010 *


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    • Monique Sands profile image

      Monique Sands 9 months ago from San Luis Obispo, CA

      I always wished I could go without a bra back in the 1970s when so many women attended music festivals with the halter front top that did not allow for a bra. I was a young mother and was very modest (nesting instinct was strong). I wore a 34B at the time and always fantasized about going without a bra some time. A friend of ours was about the size I was and hosted a barbecue sans bra in a ribbed tanktop. I envied her daring in doing so. Fast forward now to today. I am now a 36DD with breasts that are still very uplifted and lovely. I find that my clothes look so much better without a bra. Add the fact that it is so much more comfortable to not have straps and wires digging into me and the recent research that proves that breast cancer is non existent in countries where women go without bras. If it makes others uncomfortable, you have to ask yourself "who are you living for"? My husband likes how I look without a bra. My girls bounce a little when I walk but we don't think I look at all indecent. The other big benefit is that I feel so sexy all the time. Life is so much more fun! I am not trying to steel anyones husband but if he enjoys seeing me, what is the harm? If women are envious or resentful, it's their own loss, isn't it? I think eventually all women will feel comfortable going without dangerous bras. Victoria's Secret will be the only one to lose out (profit over benefit to people as usual with corporate America). I'm discovering that my whole wardrobe is much more flattering now that I am sans bra. Thousands of dollars of clothing is now being worn by me proudly and happily.