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Get fit wearing a Flip Flop- FitFlop Women's Walkstar 3 Toning Sandal

Updated on January 29, 2011

The current toning shoe craze is here. Available for both men and women are amazing sneakers that tone the leg, calf and gluteal muscles. It's fantastic, at the same time you are moving about just doing normal activities, having fun with your family, or specifically exercising, you are toning too. While the sneakers are a great choice of a shoe to wear everyday, one alternative to wearing a sneaker, especially for warm climates, is wearing flipflops or sandals, namely The FitFlop Women's Walkstar 3 Toning Sandal. This terrific looking sandal model gives you the same toning advantage along with a summer styling look and feel of an open-toed fun shoe.

The FipFlop line was created to help busy women get in much needed exercise while on the go. Women who are busy, with little time to find to go to the gym. Why not combine normal daytime activities and exercise by wearing a shoe, one that is fun and stylish. For traveling these FitFlops are a perfect choice, keeping your feet feeling fresh and comfortable even after you are ready to quit.

Amazing Comfort and Support

The FitFlop Women's Walkstar 3 is so comfortable and lightweight, providing the arch support needed to keep the knees and back feeling good while walking. Many wearers of toning shoes and sandals report having less chronic back pain.  So schedule that walking tour, take that long walk on the beach, or get those errands done...your feet will want to keep going even when you are done.

From Day into Night

Another advantage to wearing these sandals is that they look so great, and some colors such as the silver even have a classy or glamorous look for a dressier outfit, carrying you from day right into a nighttime look.

FitFlop Women's Walkstar 3 Features

Created with shiny leather, the upper is a thong style creating a casual look with a touch of bling. The rubber sole is created using 3 specific thicknesses of EVA foam, which when bonded together create that mild feeling of being destabilized. Not to say that there is a feeling of being unbalanced; actually posture is improved and stress of the lower back and feet is reduced. Now typical daily chores such as cleaning, walking to the store, or fun activities with the kids or friends also give you that all important workout giving your lower half more tone.

Just 2 of Great Toning FitFlop Choices

Sizes and Colors

Sizes include 5-11, Medium Width

Color choices depend on the size chosen and they include:

Black, Black Nappa, Oyster, Chocolate Napa, Tan Softy, Bronze, Fuchsia, Silver, and Lipstick.

Little Kid/Big Kid Sizes too.

FitFlop Electra Sandal (Little Kid/Big Kid),Silver,5 M US Big Kid
FitFlop Electra Sandal (Little Kid/Big Kid),Silver,5 M US Big Kid

Also Available in a Little Kid/Big Kid Style.

Sizes available are 2M-3M Little Kid and 5M-6M Big Kid



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