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Tony Lama Boots

Updated on September 1, 2010

Tony Lama Boots

Tony Lama Cowboy Boots
Tony Lama Cowboy Boots
Vintage Tony Lama Boots
Vintage Tony Lama Boots
Tony Lama Boots
Tony Lama Boots

A Cowboy and his Tony Lama Boots

The hard life of a western cowboy living in the high desert demands one tough dude and to stay tough every cowboy needs quality cowboy clothes, gear and tools. When Tony Lama began making his handcrafted boots in 1911 he knew that and exactly what would appeal to the cowboy of the day. Today Tony's spirit lives on and you still see that in the durable hand-crafted boots that carry his name today.

Whether you're ridin' the wet and wild Northwest or eatin' dust in the desert badlands a pair of Tony Lama Boots are always a joy to wear. But thee days modern cowboys like em too. You may even be a business exec who longs for a cowboy life or just likes the look. Maybe you drive a rig and need a tough boot for loadin' and unloadin'. And don't forget about our rodeo friends - the professional rider knows that his Tony Lama boots will give him that edge of confidence by wearing the genuine article.

Tony Lama boots are continuously acknowledged as the very best in craftsmanship. In production the hand crafting comes through as a work of art and the artist is always focused on not only making a beautiful boot but on the cowboy who wants and needs function, comfort and durability.

Historically Tony made his boots for cowboys but today the company manufacturers boots to satisfy a wide range of customers. From the traditional western boot to women's and kids boots too. There are literally hundreds of boots to choose from. 

Tony Lama Boots Ad

Tony Lama Boots for Women

Tony Lama boots for women make a fashion statement but they serve a purpose too. Not only they're actually comfortable! These cowboy boots can be worn with just about anything you can think of. Always known to make very high quality cowboy boots for men, Tony Lama is equally regarded when it comes to womens boots. 

These boots were originally handmade by Tony himself back in 1911 when he found the demands of the El Paso desert required a special boot. They were designed and made to be durable and withstand everything a western cowboy could throw at them. Tony Lama is one of those great American successes. Born of Italian decent in Syracuse New York to parents who came to America. Tony first entered the boot industry at 11 years of age. Later he  worked as in the U.S. cavalry as a cobbler for soldiers stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. Once discharged Tony chose to stay in Texas and moved to El Paso where he learned boot making and started to design and construct cowboy boots which were not only functional, but comfortable. His boots became very popular among his fellow cavalrymen, cowboys and ranchers.

To this day Tony Lama boots are still made El Paso, TX. The product has expanded to included cowboy boots designed and made for women. Excellence in craftsmanship is obvious and shows in every stitch of leather. Tony Lama and his boots are a real and true part of the American west. 

Tony Lama boots for women come in designs suitable for any occasion. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. If you ride the traditional high heal style is best but you can also get a boot with a low walking heel. Lama boots are an American tradition and a great investment too!

Tony Lama Mens Americana Cowboy Boots

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    • Caverson profile image

      Caverson 6 years ago from Left Coast

      I have been looking at some cowboy boots lately, some great ideas here.

    • PAMark profile image

      PAMark 7 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

      Thanks Paul. I love American Success stories. It sounds like Tony Lama is one of those true, 'Real Americans' - a good old rags to riches with hard work story. Plus I love Tony Lama Boots too!

    • profile image

      Al Mistral 7 years ago

      Paul, just came across this and had to comment. I've had a pair of Tony Lama Boots for over 20 years and they look even better today then when I bought them!