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TonyMoly Latte Art Cacao Pore Pack Mask Review

Updated on December 30, 2012
Product Packaging
Product Packaging

I've found that one simple way I can improve the appearance of my skin is to use a facial mask several times a week. Since I have oily skin, I have to use them daily or every other day to get the full effects. When I use them often, I see a difference in my pores and my acne is less severe. Because I use so many facial masks, I like to try different ones. One of the most recent ones I've purchased was the TonyMoly Latte Art Cacao Facial Pack. The best thing about this product is the packaging, which is what drew me to it in the first place. It is packaged inside of a small mug to look like a latte.

More on the Packaging

The total amount of product contained is 80g, which is less than 3oz. This is not very much. The Mint Julep mask I usually use is about $3 and contains much more, so the overall value for this is poor. The appeal, though, is the way it is packaged. It comes in a small protective, see-through box. The product is contained in a miniature mug and the product inside is swirled to look like a latte.

On top if a protective cardboard sleeve with a little spatula. The spatula is used to mix the product in the mug. The swirls are purely to make the product look more attractive on the store shelf, because it is recommended that the product be completely mixed before use, which makes it look pretty gross; a pale grey color.

Unmixed product
Unmixed product
Mixed product
Mixed product

The Product

The best thing is the scent. This product smells delicious. It has a very rich cocoa smell, like a tall mug of hot chocolate. Once applied to the skin, the product goes on thick and tingles a bit. It seems like there is some mint contained in the product.

Once applied, I left the mask on the recommended time of 15 minutes. It dried out and made my skin feel tight. Once I washed it off, I noticed a glow to my skin, but my pores were not any smaller. My skin looked clean, but this result can be achieved through most any type of mask.

After I used the mask several more times, I noticed a small reduction in my pore size, but it was not a drastic change. Still, the mask did help to somewhat clear up my acne, which is a plus. It got rid of a lot of small bumps on my forehead, which is a problem area for me.

I would purchase this mask again, but not for a what I paid. I paid about $16 total for the small 80g product. While it was fun to try out, I do not think it was worth the price. It is, however, a very cute product, smells good and makes the skin nice. It is a great mask, but I think the results can be achieved with less expensive products. If you live where you can get this mask cheaper, I'd recommend trying it.

My Rating

4 stars for TonyMoly Latte Art Cacao Pack


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