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Top 10 Coolest Websites for Men

Updated on April 3, 2013

As a man you may have many interests depending on your lifestyle, hobbies, personality or career. The internet is a great source of information and also entertainment. There are many websites which will cater to your needs, answer any questions, give tips on exercise and fitness, Do-It-Yourself home improvement suggestions, fashion, grooming, music, dating, cars and so on. Here is a list of the top 10 coolest websites for men:


1. The Art of Manliness

This site has many articles on topics like health and sports, money and career, relationships and family, dress and grooming, besides fun posts on manly skills and a man's life. You can learn how to carve a turkey, light a fire without a match and know about the 100 best books a man should read and movies he should watch in his lifetime.


2. Ask Men

This is an online men's magazine which is a great source on how to look better, live better and know better. They have posts on entertainment, fashion, grooming, power, money, fine living, health, sports, dating, sex, cars and city guides. There are many articles which will help you in your personal life and also your career.


3. Men's Fitness

If you are particular about your fitness and want detailed articles on various tips on how to maintain your health, this is the site for you. Check out their articles on nutrition, diet, exercise tips and gear, fitness training tips, suggestions of leisure activities and various other featured articles about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


4. Men's Health

This is another site for fitness, exercise and health which specifically deals with the health issues that men face at various stages of their lives. Besides telling you about exercise, weight loss, nutrition, fashion, style, women and sex, it also has articles on cars, food, and tips on how you can maintain your health and prevent diseases.


5. Great Dad

This is a useful online parenting resource which looks at the various issues of raising a child from the father's point of view. It will give you tips on how to support your wife during pregnancy and after she gives birth, suggestions on baby names, how to toilet train your child and make him sleep easily, fun activities you can do with your kids and so on.


6. GQ

GQ is one of the most popular men's magazines and they have a wide variety of interesting interviews and articles on men's fashion, lifestyle, culture news, entertainment, TV and movies, music, and tips on sex, how to make your apartment look more sleek and have a fabulous physique.


7. Made Man

This site also focuses on topics which men find interesting like style, food, drinks, health, grooming, sports, music, technology and gear, and articles and videos on how to date, improve your love life and various humorous posts on different issues.


8. Cool Material

This website has interesting articles on a wide variety of cool things and activities that a man is interested in. Check out their posts on art, media, food, drinks, bars, tech, gear, style, homes and the photo gallery. They also have a list of cool things that you can buy from the site like butterfly knives, coffee mugs, cufflinks, phones, keyrings to name a few, which are not only useful, but also extremely stylish and unique. The posts also include the price and description and you will also find many items on sale.


9. Cool Men's Hair

This is a great site for men who are interested in knowing about how to style and maintain their hair, suggestions on trendy hair cut ideas, hair care tips depending on whether your hair is short, medium length, long, wavy, curly, straight and so on. You will get to know the latest trends in hair styling by browsing through the picture gallery, learn about treating hair problems and read reviews of useful products. The site also has a separate category for facial hair and articles associated with the maintenance and look of facial hair.


10. Style Forum

As the name suggests, this website is all about style and fashion trends which men can apply in their lives to make a great impression. It has posts on classic menswear, streetwear, denim, lifestyle and also a forum where you can discuss topics with other users.


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